Update for week of 02 October 2017

Lost DIT phones, laptops or other devices – data protection process

If a DIT device (phone, laptop or tablet) is lost or stolen, it is very important in the first instance that you contact the Support Desk and complete this data breach form to go to foi@dit.ie

The information on the form will help to establish whether any personal data relating to staff or students is stored on the device.  

If the answer is ‘yes’, a decision needs to be made as quickly as possible on the following:

a)      has there has been a data breach?

And if so,

 b) does it meet the criteria for reporting to Data Protection Commissioner?

To help make this decision, here are the steps to follow.

If the device lost is a mobile or 3G-enabled tablet, there are additional steps available at http://www.dit.ie/media/is2016/itcompliance/informationsecurityguides/LostStolenMobileProcedure.pdf on what to do.   If you have difficulty following all the steps, the Support Desk will assist you.