Update for week of 07 March 2016

The Scholarship of Engagement: Rationale, Practice & Impact

Dublin, 8th - 9th September, 2016

Announcing an International Conference co-hosted by the Technological University for Dublin (TU4Dublin) Alliance & Purdue University

The theme of this conference will be the nature, purpose and practice of engagement between higher education and society, in its broadest sense. It will embrace engagement with all sectors of society - economic, civic, community, cultural, creative, and society as a whole, at a local, regional, national and international level.  It will explore:

·         The rationale for engagement, at institutional and individual level, and the scholarly nature of university engagement;

·         The practice of engagement with community, industry and all external stakeholders, within the curriculum and without;

·         Organisational approaches and models for an engaged institution - the civic university; the internationalised university; the entrepreneurial university;

·         The effective promotion and management of engagement, including the recognition of achievements in engagement, impact measurement and relationship management.

Keynote speakers
A number of eminent keynote speakers will be providing their perspectives on key questions, including:

-          Professor Steve Abel,  Associate Provost for Engagement Purdue University

-          Emeritus Professor Allan Gibb

Who should attend
This conference will bring higher education practitioners with academic, administrative and leadership roles related to engagement and societal partners together to exchange knowledge and experiences. There will be parallel scientific and practitioner tracks, along with plenary sessions and workshops. 

Further information, along with a Call for Papers will be issued shortly.

Best wishes

On behalf of John Jameson, David O'Connor and Pat O'Donnell 

TU4Dublin Foundation Theme - Dublin's Globally Engaged University