Update for week of 07 June 2016

Simon’s ‘Green Army’ app available now for Irish football fans

Following the successful Apps Development module run jointly by the Schools of Marketing and School of Retail Services Management in partnership with the AIB Innovation Center, an app has been developed for the Simon Communities. -   Simon's Green Army app - for Irish football fans heading to Euros and to raise awareness for the Dublin Simon Community.

The app's aim is a bit of fun and to keep the Irish fans safe. There's maps of the main cities with amenities like pubs, atms, train stations, the stadiums and more, you can enter and save where you're staying - so you can show taxi drivers at 2am if you forget! You can also save meeting points, handy if the phone networks go down at the stadiums and there's also emergency contact numbers for the Irish Embassy, the VHI, Aviva, Laya Healthcare, GloHealth, the AA Ireland along with numbers for AIB and Bank Ireland should your bank cards be stolen or lost.

The app is completely free and supported by the Irish Embassy in Paris, the AA Ireland, the Dublin Simon Community and DIT.

App available on Apple App Store at:


Android version arriving this week, so keep an eye on social media for #simonsgreenarmy"