Update for week of 08 February 2016

Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) at DIT

The School of Transport Engineering, Environment & Planning in the College of Engineering and Built Environment, DIT Bolton Street has successfully installed and commissioned two Airbus A320 Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMT) for its core facilities to enhance its aviation technologies activities. Delivery, installation and commissioning of the Airbus A320 VMT software took place recently at DIT’s Aviation Technology Centre (ATC).

VMT will allow DIT to simulate a typical modern aircraft using appropriate hardware and licenced software. A VMT for a typical modern wide bodied aircraft allows access to a virtual cockpit with the ability to simulate typical modern airframe systems and avionics systems such as Flight Management Systems (FMS), auto-pilot and glass cockpit common display systems such as Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS).VMT will also facilitate simulation of Central Maintenance Computing function (CMCF) on a typical modern aircraft allowing Built in Test Equipment (BITE) simulation of the aircraft’s systems.

This investment will further enhance both DIT’s EASA Part 147 programmes (DT6837) and BEng Technology in Aviation Technology Programme (DT011).