Update for week of 11 April 2016

DIT Student Accommodation 2016/17

DIT Financial Aid & Accommodation has again block-booked student accommodation for Session 2016/17 with providers in the same locations as last year.  Spaces can be reserved for students until the end of August or early September which will particularly benefit new students hoping to start their course in September.  All the necessary information is online at http://www.dit.ie/accommodation including a list of providers.

One new location has been added this year - The Binary Hub, Bonham Street, Dublin 8 – which is convenient to all DIT campus locations. It will open in September 2016 – for information and contact details see below:-

www.thestudenthousingcompany.ie, Email: info@thestudenthousingcompany.com

Colleagues are requested to emphasise to all current students the importance of booking early as we know there is a shortage of student accommodation in Dublin.

DIT’s ‘studentpad’ student accommodation online database at http://www.ditstudentpad.ie/Accommodation  is a one-stop-shop for all DIT students seeking student accommodation.  The password is ‘spdit’ and can only be utilised by all staff and students of DIT.  If you have any queries please contact John Shaughnessy on 402 3307.

The provision of accommodation for DIT students is key in attracting students. The information above can be utilised in all DIT marketing and communications to advise students of the service we provide and to encourage prospective students to accept places in DIT.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid and Accommodation service at extensions 402-3307/402-3394/402-7513.

Deirdre Corcoran

DIT Financial Aid & Accommodation Dept.

143-149 Rathmines Road,

Dublin 6

Tel. 4023353/0876379533