Update for week of 11 April 2016

Inaugural Issue:     Call for Papers

The Irish Journal of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability,IJSEES, is an interdisciplinary journal covering the subjects of environmental

management, spatial planning, urban regeneration, environmental planning,local economic development and innovation, and social sustainability in an

integrated way as well as in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. See http://www.ijsees.ie/ for more details.


The aim of the journal is to provide a platform to academics, researchers, scholars, professionals and postgraduate students for publishing papers in

these areas. The journal is an open access, double blind peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal for the dissemination of both theoretical and applied

topics in the domains of social, economic and environmental sustainability.  The deadline for submission to the inaugural issue is May 25th 2016

and publication is scheduled for late 2016. Early submissions and announcements to submit a paper are encouraged.


You can submit now by emailing Dr. Deiric Ó Broin or Dr. Jackie Bourke at  editor@ijsees.com.

Please ensure you are familiar with all of the IJSEES’s guidelines before submitting. These can be accessed at http://www.ijsees.ie/notes-forcontributors