Update for week of 13 February 2017

From Grangegorman to Tasmania: Public Art event

A public art event will take place in Grangegorman on Friday 03 March at 11 am to commemorate the three thousand women and children who left (and were sent) from this location over 150 years ago to make new lives in Van Diemen’s Land, now known as Tasmania.  They joined thousands more who came from all across Europe.  They were all people without means and the women leaving Grangegorman and from Kilmainham Gaol were dressed very simply as servants.  The common piece of clothing was a simple linen bonnet.

The public art event will attempt to recreate a crowd scene of hundreds of people wearing similar bonnets that have been made by women in the Dóchas Centre in Mountjoy.  The event will be supported by the Australian Embassy and attended by local people, pupils from the ten schools in this area, and by DIT students and staff.  It will be filmed by the Nationwide crew from RTE. 

We will want to create as big a crowd as possible and although it remembers the women who left, we need men to too!  We will circulate specifics by email in the next ten days to remind you but we would really appreciate your participation!