Update for week of 13 February 2017

Knowledge Transfer initiatives 2013 – 2016

In its recent report to Knowledge Transfer Ireland, the Dublin Region Innovation Consortium (DRIC) – led by DIT Hothouse and including DIT, ITB, ITT, IADT and DIAS – provided a very impressive catalogue of success.  The report looks back over the last four years and among the top-level statistics are the following:

83 LOA’s, launch 22 start-ups, secure 27 research funding contracts with a matching industry component greater than 25k€ and 99 research contracts with industry of lesser value.  We sought out and examined 202 IVDs or filed 46 patents.  OptiWiFi, Optrace, Vizolve, Reflective Management Systems, Kastas and Smarter Surfaces all become High Performance Start-Ups (HPSU’s) which means one to two HPSUs were created in each year of the programme

Licencing and spin-outs created 32 new innovative products or services that are now on the market.  They include, for example, Riffstation software that now helps millions of people to learn to play guitar!  Coming out Sonic Ladder, a DIT spinout, it has since been acquired by Fender.  Another example is Kastus which has developed antimicrobial technology, and Ireland’s first hologram company Optrace which also launched from DIT research.

It is estimated that each licence creates 3 jobs on average while each spin-out creates an additional 2 jobs.  Therefore, over the duration of the four-year programme, it is estimated that a very significant 293 jobs were created!

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