Update for week of 13 March 2017

DIT lecturer participates in European Chamber meeting with EU Commissioners  

Caption: Ralf Lissek, CEO of the German-Irish Chamber of Commerce, EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan and Dr. Brian Murphy, DIT. 

Dr Brian Murphy was part of a delegation from the European Chamber of Ireland that travelled to Brussels to meet with the German EU Commissioner Guenter Oettinger an the Irish EU Commissioner Phil Hogan. The specific purpose of this visit was to highlight to EU decision-makers the challenges Brexit will present for businesses operating in Ireland. 

The delegation presented the Commissioners with a recent Brexit report authored by Dr Brian Murphy, DIT, and Ralf Lissek and Dr Volker Treier of the German Chamber.  The Report identifies significant threats to growth across a range of sectors in Ireland, including potential job losses, and a negative impact on trade. 

Speaking after the meetings, Dr Murphy said:  “The impact of Brexit is of grave concern to people in Ireland.  It is clear that the Irish economy will be severely affected by the fallout of the UK’s departure, unless Europe addresses Ireland’s special circumstances.  Our report was well received by both Commissioner Hogan and Commissioner Oettinger.  It sets out how intrinsically linked the Irish and British economies are and how Ireland will unduly suffer because of Brexit if Ireland’s special circumstances are not understood in Brussels and throughout the EU.”