Update for week of 13 March 2017

DIT on parade for St. Patrick’s Festival

DIT is back on parade for the St. Patrick’s Festival showpiece, weaving its way through the city on Friday and broadcast to the nation and the world!  This year’s theme for the Parade is “Ireland you are….” and DIT students have submitted hundreds of images and wordplays that reflect some aspect of their Ireland.  A team of 120 ‘pushers’ will guide six massive cubes (from 3 metres to 4.3 metres high) along the parade route, displaying over 100 large format images.  One ‘cube’ will contain the DJ and sound equipment, and the DJ society and the Dance society will be bringing colour and rhythm to get everyone moving. 

If you’re in town, come along and cheer them as they pass – they will be towards the back of the parade, just ahead of Spraoi, the Waterford-based street performers.  If you’re at home or near a TV, make sure to give a shout-out as they appear on your screen!

Congratulations to Barry Sheehan and his band of students, colleagues and graduates who have made this happen once again this year.  In particular, thanks to all our international students who were first to sign up to celebrate our National Day!