Update for week of 13 June 2016

Mind your data!

You will have seen warning messages from colleagues in ICT Services about Ransomeware attacks on organisations everywhere.  Before heading off on holidays, do ensure that your documents and data are securely saved on shared drives and not on your computer.

If you have a DIT phone, laptop or tablet, is your device encrypted?  If not, please make sure to consult with the Helpdesk or the IS support on your campus – it can be done very quickly and it will protect your data and prevent any serious data breach in the event of loss or theft.

Finally, are you sure you need to store all that data in the first place?  If you have documents on your laptop, tablet or home computer that  includes personal information about any individual – student, graduate or colleague – please save it to a shared drive and delete it from your personal device.  Personal information could include names, contact numbers, student numbers, financial details – any pieces of information that could be triangulated to identify a person if your document fell into the wrong hands.

In other words, mind your data!