Update for week of 19 November 2014

DIT confers honorary doctorates on Louise Kennedy, Ronnie Dawson & Myrtle Allen

As the Autumn season of graduations come to a close, DIT is delighted to have conferred over 4000 students with their individual awards.  In addition DIT conferred Honorary Doctorates on Louise Kennedy,  fashion designer & business leader, Ronnie Dawson, architect and rugby legend and Myrtle Allen, founder of Ballymaloe.

Here are some extracts from the speeches made about the recipients:

Ronnie Dawson - an architect who made a significant contribution to corporate art and architecture in Ireland, and a legendary sportsman who represented his sport and his country at the highest level and with distinction:

“….we have honoured you today as a highly respected professional architect, a legend in sporting circles, especially in rugby, and a graduate of DIT of whom we are extremely proud.  You are most certainly a standard-bearer for our graduates here today – your example is a reminder to them that having had the advantage of higher education and the opportunity to develop professionally, it is important to also remember their responsibilities as citizens and to be willing to volunteer their time  – whether that is in sport, in community activity, or in some other role. 

DIT conferes Honorary Doctorates - Professor Brian Norton and Dr Ronnie Dawson


Myrtle Allen - a name synonymous with the Irish food and hospitality industry, and innovation in quality food, for over half a century.

“…..we have honoured Myrtle Allen for her work throughout her life as a culinary artist, an environmentalist, an innovator and an entrepreneur.  She is credited with sowing the seeds of Ireland’s success in being seen as a Food Island, and she has launched the careers of many young chefs and food producers throughout the country and internationally…..Myrtle Allen’s commitment to the highest possible standards in her own business, and her generous support of businesses in her community and around Ireland, mark her out as an exceptional standard-bearer for our graduates here today. “





Louise Kennedy - business leader, entrepreneur and international ‘ambassador at large’, representing Irish design of the highest quality.

“…we have honoured you today for your achievements in building your own hugely successful business and brand, but also for the way in which the quality and sophistication of your work has enhanced the international reputation of Irish design, and has opened doors for young entrepreneurs and graduates starting their own careers.  You are most certainly a standard-bearer for all our graduates here today and for those of other disciplines within our graduate network. We are extremely proud that DIT has been a part of your career development and we are delighted to welcome you back today!”

DIT confers honorary doctorates - Louise Kennedy