Update for week of 22 February 2016

National Student Survey 2016: More responses needed

The Survey of Student Engagement 2016 is open for responses from DIT Students until the 04th March 2016.  We currently have a response rate of 13%.  Students from first and final year undergraduate programmes and all postgraduate taught programmes have been emailed by DIT with an invitation to take the survey.  The Student Survey is a high priority for us as it provides invaluable information on the DIT student experience and will feed into how things are done in the future.

In 2014 8% of our students responded

In 2015 24% of our students responded

Our target student response rate this year is 50%.

What you can do to help

Evidence shows that students tend to respond more favourably to requests to complete the survey from people they know, including their lecturers, heads of department and administrators, as well as their fellow students.  Studies also show that the Schools that have the most student responses have the higher satisfaction scores.  We would therefore recommend that you get as many students in your School to fill in the Survey to ensure that your School is accurately represented.  So we are calling on all of our staff across the Institute to encourage our students to complete Student Survey 2016 wherever possible.

Further information on the survey can be found at www.studentsurvey.ie