Update for week of 22 February 2016

St. Patrick's Festival Parade 2016: Students and Staff wanted to join DIT pageant!

Do you want to be seen on TV all over the globe? If you do then join us on the 17th March to take part in Ireland's biggest festival.

The theme of this year's St. Patrick's Festival is Imagine If – examining the Future of Irelandand DIT has been invited to participate in the grand Parade on March 17th 2016, which will be televised across the world!

DIT Students have been involved with the design & creation of the pageant piece to parade through Dublin (see image above). Now we want 100 enthusiastic students and staff from across the DIT to take part in our pageant performance!

What’s involved in the performance? We want you to join us in the performance on St. Patrick’s Day, put on the costume and walk the route of the parade….and have a lot of fun along the way….as well as joining us for a party afterwards to celebrate the day. We will have rehearsals in Grangegorman leading up to the event.

Get involved: If you want to take part in the exciting pageant performance, contact Barry Sheehan and Megan Wetherill at barry.sheehan@dit.ie, megan.wetherill@dit.ie