Update for week of 22 May 2017

Are you Energy-aware at work and at home?  

Here are some interesting facts that might make you more energy aware!  Leaving one classroom light on overnight uses the same amount of energy as recharging 1280 mobile phones!  And leaving one desktop computer on overnight will cost as much as boiling water for 120 cups of coffee!

Last year DIT spent over €2m on energy costs and we are trying to eradicate any unnecessary energy wastage to help the fight against climate change.  DIT aims to be one of the few Irish public bodies to achieve IS0 50001 certification.  You can help to prevent waste of energy and money in DIT by switching off lights and other electrical items when not in use.

The audit process for ISO 50001 will commence on 13 June 2017.  DIT is currently on target but we need everyone’s help.  If you have any ideas on how DIT can further reduce its energy usage please email green.campus@dit.ie