Update for week of 22 May 2017

New regulations around Data Protection – please read!

The Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003 lay down strict rules about the way in which personal data is collected, accessed, used, disclosed, and how personal data breaches are addressed.

Under this legislation, we in DIT have statutory responsibilities to protect any personal data that we retain and our revised DIT Data Protection Policy has been approved by the Senior Leadership Team. All members of staff or students who collect and / or control the contents and use of personal data are responsible for compliance with the Data Protection legislation and this Policy.From May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) will come into force across all European Member States.  This will have a significant impact for all organisations. DIT is in the process of developing a training and awareness programme to assist staff in understanding our expanded obligations.  The objective of the programme will be to ensure that everyone in DIT clearly understands the extent of our responsibilities in terms of Data Protection, including the following:

What is Personal Data, why are we collecting it?

Do we have consent to retain it, process it, share it, or delete it

Is every staff member aware of how to report any breach of data protection?

Details of the training and awareness sessions will be communicate in due course.  In the meantime, if you consider that a personal data security breach has occurred, this must be reported immediately to the Information Governance Officer and to your Line Manger. You should complete the Personal Data Security Breach Report Form in Section 4.2 of the policy and email it to foi@dit.ie. You should also log the potential breach with the DIT Service Desk (phone 01 402 3123) or email support@dit.ie.

Any member of staff or student of the Institute who considers that the Policy has not been followed in respect of Personal Data about themselves should raise the matter with their Head of School / Function or the Information Governance Officer in the first instance.

If you have any queries or require clarification on any aspect of the Data Protection Policy, please do not hesitate to contact Brendan Ruddy at foi@dit.ie.