Update for week of 23 January 2017

‌“Ireland you are” - DIT to join 2017 St. Patrick’s Festival Parade          

Last year DIT created an award-winning pageant piece for the Saint Patrick’s Festival Parade on March 17th 2016

We are now in the process of creating another pageant piece for 2017 and we need your help.

The theme of this year’s festival is

Ireland You Are

The festival has embraced a contemporary theme as follows:

The theme ‘Ireland You Are' is asking you to reflect on who we are as a nation.

We are a nation of myths and legends, religious icons, a disgraced nation but a nation trying to make amends, we are embracing change, minority demographics and ethnicities, we are 40 million worldwide, we are hang sandwiches, bacon and cabbage, we are landmarks, waterways and a land of artists, of feminists, of sporting heroes and triumphs, of gender equality, of mixed race, of rebellion, rivers and Roy Keane, we are Panti Bliss, a nation of saints and scholars, ditty’s, songs and lingo, we are compassion.

DIT will be creating a pageant piece or “float” from a series of submitted images that reflect the theme. We want to have participants from across DIT, students and staff, to submit images and words that they think best reflect the contemporary theme.

We will assemble the images into our pageant piece and we attach a conceptual sketch here:

We would like you to send us a selection of:


Images must be original (you must have photographed, or created them yourself). They should be your interpretation of the theme and you can send an explanation if you like.

Examples could be:

A photograph of the Cliffs of Moher, a breakfast roll, a foggy morning, your relatives,

Images do not have to be flattering, they must reflect the theme. The images do not have to be recent or taken specifically for this event, but they must be your own.


We hope to incorporate some artworks and physical objects.

You may submit photographs of these at this stage. We will contact you if we decide to use them.


We are looking for single words that respond to the theme: Ireland You Are

Examples could be:

Ireland You Are: Sensational

Ireland You Are: Dramatic

Ireland You Are: Lonely


A panel of people, from across DIT will select what they feel are the most appropriate words and images that best reflect the theme and will be used to make up part of our pageant.

You should send no more than 5 images or words to:


 The Small Print

There is no prize money associated with the event. We plan to hold a party after the event and if one of your images is selected we will invite you to it.

The judge’s decision will be final. Due to the number of possible entries we will not be able to communicate directly with you if your submission is not selected. We will communicate with all of those who submit work that we plan to use in the pageant.

You must send all emails from a recognised DIT address as this is how we will identify you and communicate with you.

You must name your image using your student number or staff number followed by your name. e.g. c1035678JohnSheehan, or 234280BarrySheehan etc.

Deadline: All submissions must be sent by email by 18:00 on the 3rd February 2016.


We would love to have as many of you involved in taking part in the parade on March 17th 2017 and we will send out a separate call for participants. You do not have to take part in the parade to have your work displayed in it.


Barry Sheehan – Creative Director, St. Patrick’s Festival DIT
+353 87 259 2546