Update for week of 24 April 2017

From Directorate of Student Services to Directorate of Student Development

In 2010 the Directorate of Student Services was created as part of the reorganisation of the Institute structure.   The formation allowed related areas of activity to come together under a single Directorate with a common focus of supporting the DIT student population of 20,000 students. Main areas of activity include: DIT Access & Civic Engagement, DIT Campus Life, DIT Student Administration, DIT Campus Planning, DIT International Office and the DIT Foundation. The creation of the Directorate reflected a trend within higher education to better coordinate and integrate student-facing services and provide enhanced supports to a growing and increasingly diverse student population.

Six years later it is timely to reflect on the formation of the Directorate. There has been significant progress and the work of better integrating activities including Institute-wide approaches and enhancing the overall student experience continues.

There is a real opportunity to reframe the student services paradigm from a services perspective to a more developmental model. This shift continues to place the student at the centre of their own learning and builds on progress made within DIT around student engagement, student experience, graduate attributes, promotion of participation and access and better connecting the student with the Institute. The Student Services Executive believes that the move towards student development will better reflect the reality of the Directorate’s activity and better align the Directorate to evolving theory in the area. The change in name reflects a move by the Directorate to respond to a deepening understanding of student needs and their progress while studying at DIT.  The DIT Senior Leadership Team has approved the name change and the Directorate is now in the process of making the change.

Further information is available at  http://dit.ie/currentstudents/studentservices/contactus/