Update for week of 24 April 2017

Sales Education Foundation names DIT programmes in 2017 “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” Listing

The DIT College of Business has been recognized by Sales Education Foundation (SEF) for its programmes promoting the sales profession – one of just 15 institutions outside the USA.  According to Dr. Tony Buckley, Assistant Head, School of Marketing, DIT is the first higher education institution in Ireland to receive this recognition.  Sales Education Foundation aims to recognize top sales programmes in the US and in worldwide “for elevating the sales profession through university education.”

The DIT programmes that have been recognized include the International Selling Programme (with Enterprise Ireland) offered through the DIT Graduate Business School and the MSc Sales Management offered through the School of Marketing.  Dr. Buckley said that the sales management modules on the DIT MBA programme and sales-related modules on undergraduate Certificate and Degree programmes in the Schools of Marketing and Retail Management and Services have also been recognized.

Sales Education Foundation (SEF) recognizes universities that “prepare students for successful careers in professional selling and helping to elevate the sales profession.” and notes that Professional Sales/Selling is one of the most common jobs for students graduating with a sales degree.  Recent research suggests that 60% of all business majors and 88% of all marketing majors begin their professional careers in a sales-related role. 

Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Sales Education Foundation believes that companies should have an increased focus on partnering with university sales programs and hiring their graduates.  In her 2017 Annual Letter from the Editor she notes, “Candidates from these programs are more prepared to align with their initial sales roles and to compete in the ever-changing global economy.”

The 10th edition of the SEF 2017 annual magazine will be available on www.salesfoundation.org  by the end of April.