Update for week of 30 January 2017

14 September: Food and Power: Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2018  - call for papers

The theme for the 2018 Dublin Gastronomy symposium will be Food and Power and a call for papers is available on http://arrow.dit.ie/dgs/   As usual the theme can be interpreted as widely as possible. For those who have previously attended and those who are yet to attended the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium there is a short video on YouTube which gives a taste of this convivial event where chefs, culinarians, food scholars, students and general enthusiasts from all over the world gather, network, break bread and chew on food related issues.  Click here to view video

Congratulations to Dr. Dorothy Cashman, member of the organising committee on the conferral of her Doctorate in November 2016. Her thesis titled ‘An Investigation of Irish Culinary History Through Manuscript Cookbooks, with Particular Reference to the Gentry of County Kilkenny (1714-1830)’ is now available online at http://arrow.dit.ie/appadoc/68/   .

Also newly added to the Gastronomy Archive is the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery Oral History Project, which can be accessed at http://arrow.dit.ie/oxfor/  and contains interviews with Claudia Roden, Paul Levy, Harold McGee, Theodore Zeldin and many others.