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‌Following an extensive consultation, evaluation and tendering process we are delighted to announce that DIT's new virtual learning environment is Brightspace!

Go-live date: August 2019

Follow the project on this website and on Twitter at #VLE4DIT

Phase 1 of the #VLE4DIT Project (concluded)

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) currently in use at DIT is Blackboard, which we refer to locally as Webcourses. Our contract with Blackboard Inc. comes to an end in August 2019 and this gave us, as an institute, an opportunity to reflect on what our needs are with regard to a VLE platform as we develop further our Digital Campus and strive to create a unique, engaged, powerful and comprehensive experience for every student on a par with best-in-class international, blended-learning, higher education providers.
The VLE4DIT project was initiated in November 2017 and the project team established, which included representatives from across DIT. A range of activities, including a staff survey and a student survey, were undertaken in order to gather data regarding DIT’s needs in a VLE platform, which could be used to inform the drafting of the ‘system requirements’ document that accompanies the Request for Tender (RFT) issued to VLE vendors. The surveys were run by an external company and their reports were subnmitted ot the project team. Click here to read the staff survey report and click here to read the student survey report. In April 2018 VLE vendors were sent DIT's tender dsocumentation. A tender evaluation panel was established in May 2018, which again included representatives from across DIT. Having reviewed and scored the submissions, and invited the vendors to present once more to the panel to provide some clarifications, they recommended that DIT award the VLE contract to Desire2Learn and their VLE platform called ‘Brightspace’. The contracts were signed in September 2018.

Phase 2 of the #VLE4DIT Project (ongoing)

Phase 2 of this project will concentrate on implementing Brightspace at DIT. This is being approached as a learning and teaching project with a focus on enhancing the student learning experience. The project started formally on Monday Oct 15th when D2L came to visit DIT and met with various categories of stakeholders. Keep an eye on this website, particularly the key dates page, and follow #VLE4DIT to keep up-to-date with everything that is happening. Important communications will also be sent by all-staff emails from - and you can contact us at that email too. This is a brilliant opportunity to rethink online learning at DIT and we're looking forward to working with colleagues from across the institute to successfully make this exciting and important change!