Information Services

Use of IT and Internet Resources

The DIT provides access to a large IT resource for its staff and students comprising computing hardware and software and network systems. Access to the Internet and World Wide Web is provided through HEAnet, which is the national Education and Research Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Increasingly most of the business of the institute, be it academic or administrative, has come to depend on this IT resource.

As a third level institute the DIT provides access to range of IT services and infrastructure in an open environment conducive to encouraging its use by all staff and students be they novice or expert. To sustain this environment however, a set of regulations and guidelines are set out below to which all staff and students must adhere. These regulations/guidelines are essential to:

  • Enable and protect the academic and administrative work of the institute
  • Protect the copyright and intellectual property rights of those who supply software to the institute
  • Ensure the proper usage of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Ensure legal compliance with the many applicable Acts and Statuary Instruments

Staff and students are required to study and abide by the following codes:

Any staff member or student found to be in breach of these regulations will be liable for the legal and disciplinary consequences of that breach.

All of these codes are available both on the DIT web site ( and in the Student Handbook.

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