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How Do I?...

Email | Printing | Telephony 


This webmail will replace the old myDIT webmail and it will be useful of you are away from your desk and you need to check your email. To access email using this method click here

On the logon page your:
Username: student / staff number
Password: your ICT domain password (email password)

NOTE PASSWORD CHANGE: as part of the migration you will need to change your password. This can be done at any time from now until your email is schedule to be migrated. The easiest way to change your password is using:

Remember you have two options to log into your email. If you choose you can continue using your email client (outlook, thunderbird etc) to send and receive email. With this method the user experience will not change, you will send and receive email the same way you always have.

In Gmail, click the Compose button

Click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the compose window

Browse through your files and click the name of the file you'd like to attach

Click Open


Attachment size limit - You can send messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size

As a security measure to prevent potential viruses, gmail doesn't allow you to send or receive executable files (such as files ending in .exe ).

If you'd like to remove a file you've attached to a message, click the x to the right of the file name at the bottom of the message

Click the down arrow  More options drop-down arrow  next to the "Discard draft" icon Discard draft icon at the bottom of your compose window.

Click Check spelling
If there's a misspelled word, it will be highlighted in yellow. Click the misspelled word to see Gmail's suggestions for similar words.
Select a suggested word from the list to replace the misspelled word.

Click Settings in the upper-right corner of your gmail window and, on the General tab, scroll down to Conversation View.

If Conversation View is off, new messages won't be grouped into conversations, and any existing conversations are ungrouped into separate messages.

If Conversation View is on, you can't separate the messages in a conversation. However, if you want to send a reply but don't want it to be added to the conversation, you can simply change the subject line in your reply.

Actually, Gmail doesn't use folders. To help you organize your mail more effectively, Gmail uses labels instead. Labels do all the work that folders do, but with an added bonus: you can add more than one label to a message.

How to create a label that you can add to any of your messages?

On the left side of the page, click More at the bottom of your labels list. (If you don't see "More," grab the gray dividing line with your cursor and drag it down to show more labels.)
Click Create new label
Type the name of your new label and click Create.You can also create a new label for a message in your Inbox by selecting the checkbox next to the messages, click the Labels button above your message list, and then clicking Create new

How to create a sub label?

You can add a sub-label beneath a label to create a hierarchy. This can be done in two ways.
1. When creating a new label, you can make it a sub-label underneath another label that's already in your account by checking the box next to 'Nest label under' and selecting which label you'd like to nest it under.
2. You can create sub-labels by hovering your cursor over an existing label on the left side of your Gmail page, clicking the down-arrow that appears next to that label, and selecting 'Add sub label'.

You can add a label to your email in several ways:

When viewing your Inbox, select the checkbox next to those messages, click the Labels  button, and click the label you want. (Or check the boxes next to several labels) Click Apply.

When viewing a message, click the Labels button, and click the label you want.

You can also click and drag a label from the left side, and drop it on the message.

When writing a new message, click More options drop-down arrow More options in the bottom right corner of the compose window, click Label, and then select one of your labels.

You can use the search function in gmail to search for a word or multiple words that appear anywhere within the message you want to locate.

Simply type the word you are looking for in the search field and click the search button.

Your results will be displayed with your search terms highlighted in yellow within the message.
If you're having trouble finding the result you want, you can refine your query by clicking the small arrow in the search box, and entering your criteria in the appropriate fields.

Gmail doesn't recognize special search characters like square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, and asterisks.
Gmail will also search within attachments where possible, so your search may return items without the search terms in the message text.

Gmail doesn't have a sort feature. In stead of sorting emails you search for them using the search bar.

If you want to find emails from a colleague type your colleagues name in the search field and all emails To, From and containing that name will be displayed. Select the pull down arrow of the search field for more advanced searches.

Open your gmail email
Click the gear icon  at the top right of any Gmail page
Click Settings
Scroll down to the 'Signature' section and enter your new signature text in the box. You can format your text using the buttons directly above the text box.
Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
Please note: Staff are encouraged to include an Irish version of their signature.
For further information please contact Oifig na Gaeilge at

Open your gmail email
Click the gear icon at the top right of any Gmail page
Click Settings
From the General tab, scroll down to Out of Office AutoReply.
Select Out of Office AutoReply on.
Enter the date, subject and body of your Out of Office message.
If you've enabled a personalized signature in your settings, Gmail will automatically append it to the bottom of your out of office response. No rich formatting, including images, will be included.
Click Save Changes

Click Mail in the top left corner and then click Contacts
Click the New Contact button in the top-left corner
Enter your contact's information in the appropriate fields. Any information you add will save automatically.



Automatically added contacts

Email addresses are automatically added to your Contacts list each time you use the Reply, Reply to all, or Forward functions to send mail. Each time you mark a message as 'Not Spam' your Contacts list is also automatically updated so that future messages from that sender are received in your inbox.
Look for automatically added contacts in the Other Contacts group on the left side.

Please note: Please add your name and email address as a contact in your own contacts list. This will be useful if you are creating a calendar event and inviting attendees. By doing this event invitees will receive your event request from 'firstname surname' rather than,

Each Google Apps user has unlimited student storage.

This storage is shared between Gmail and Google Drive.



From the menu on the left-hand side click More to expand the label list

From the menu on the left-hand side, click Spam to display a list of emails that the automated filtering system has determined should not be immediately delivered to your inbox. You will see a list of all emails that have been marked as potentially dangerous or fraudulent. Place a tick in the box to the left of the mail you want to release from spam, and click Not Spam
Please note: once a mail is designated as Not Spam it will be released into your Google mail folder. To view the mail click Inbox in the menu on the left hand side.


What is SPAM?

SPAM is unsolicited email messages that are usually sent in bulk to an indiscriminate set of recipients. These messages can cause security threats and other problems to our network if they are left unchecked. By scanning email and by having an email filtering system, these unwanted and potentially dangerous email messages can be separated and held in quarantine, therefore not causing any risk to our networks.


Why are some emails marked as Spam?

DIT's automated email filtering solution helps detect spam by identifying viruses and suspicious messages, finding patterns across messages, and learning from what other email users commonly mark as spam.
If you click your Spam label and open one of the messages, you'll see a message at the top with a brief explanation about why that particular message was placed in Spam. Use this information to protect yourself from potentially dangerous or fraudulent messages and to better understand why a message was or wasn't marked as spam.
Further information on SPAM is available here:



How do I access a regular SPAM quarantine report?

You can now monitor your spam email on a real-time basis, removing the need for a regular report of any spam that may have been sent to your inbox.


How do I delete any SPAM sent to my email address?

You can either delete all spam email by selecting Delete all spam messages now or by opening a specific spam email and choosing the Delete forever button at the top of the email.

An email is showing as SPAM but is genuine. How do I access it?

Open the email and click the Not Spam button at the top of the email. It will now be delivered.


How long are SPAM emails kept in quarantine?

Messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.


Datapac Scanner/Copier/Printers are located in Libraries and areas close to computer laboratories or open areas where wireless networks are most commonly used by students. Print jobs are held on the system for twenty four hours before being automatically cleared. During this period, the prints may be released on any device at any campus.

Locations of Printer/Copiers :

View Student Printer Locations (Datapac) in a larger map

Touch Pull Print on the screen
Enter your Student number, you can do this by typing it on the printer keypad or Touch Screen, or by scanning your Student Card.
Enter your 4 digit PIN on the keypad or Touch Screen.
Select your print job by using up/down scroll keys on the touch screen and checking the box to the left of the document you want to print
Press OK to select print job
Press Return to print job or C/Ce to cancel job

When you are finished printing your document please log off the printer using the yellow button on the keypad. 
View Datapac's How to Print Video

Touch Copy on the screen
Enter your Student number, you can do this by typing it on the printer keypad or Touch Screen, or by scanning your Student Card
Enter your PIN on the keypad or Touch Screen
Copier is now activated and ready to use

When you are finished copying your document please log off the printer using the yellow button on the keypad. 

Touch Copy on the screen
You will be asked to enter your Student number, you can do this by typing it on the printer keypad or Touch Screen, or by scanning your Student Card
Enter your 4 digit PIN on the keypad or Touch Screen
Change Paper Selection from Automatic to A4
Change Content Orientation from Portrait to landscape.
Change Original Size from B4 to A3.

View Datapac's How to copy video

Touch Email on the screen
Enter your Student number, you can do this by typing it on the printer keypad or Touch Screen, or by scanning your Student Card
Enter your 4 digit PIN on the keypad or Touch Screen
Touch "more options" tab at the end of the screen
Scroll down until you find "Job Build"
Change the job build option from off to on

When you are finished scanning your document please log off the printer using the yellow button on the keypad. 
You must have a non zero balance in your Printing account to allow scanning to work.

View Datapac's How to scan video

  Single sided Double sided
A4 B&W €0.05 €0.07
A4 Colour €0.09 €0.15
A3 B&W €0.09 €0.14
A3 Colour €0.14 €0.24


There is no cost for scanning however you need to have a non-zero balance in your account to allow scanning to work

You can credit your account in either of two ways

1. Online top up

  • Go to and enter your Student number and 4 digit PIN number to login
  • Click ePayand follow the instructions to top up your account.
    • Minimum top up: €2
    • Maximum top up €50

Topping up online can be done with visa or Mastercard


2. Top up station:

  • Go to a pay kiosk located in your nearest library. Enter your Student Number.
  • Enter the amount you want to top up. Click Finish or print receipt

The pay kiosks accept 10c, 20c, 50c, €1, €2 coins and €5, €10, €20 notes. There is no change facility at the kiosks.


View your balance

  • Go to and enter your Student number and 4 digit PIN number to login
  • Click Transactions. Your credit balance is shown here along with a list of all your print transactions.


Print / Copy costs

  Single sided Double sided
A4 B&W €0.05 €0.07
A4 Colour €0.09 €0.15
A3 B&W €0.09 €0.14
A3 Colour €0.14 €0.24

There is no cost for scanning however you need to have a non-zero balance in your account for scanning to work

How to print from your mobile device

There are 4 methods of mobile printing available

  1. Print by installing print drivers*
  2. Upload your document to print
  3. Copying a web address to print
  4. Emailing your document to print

‌‌ * Install print driver for Windows\MAC is the preferred print method because it is the only method that allows printing from any program that supports printing and it allows you adjust printing preferences such as A4 \ A3, B&W\ Colour.

Getting started

To print using any method click the following link and click "Click Here to Access Mobile Printing". Login to the Datapac Mobile Print Login using the following credentials:

  • Username: Student / Staff number
  • Password: 4 digit printing PIN
NOTE: For all methods of printing, if you send any job which has colour, you will be charged at colour rates. Printing preferences can only be changed when printing using the Print driver.


1. How to Print by Installing print drivers

This option enables you to print from your Laptop or MacBook. This will allow printing from all applications, i.e. Microsoft Office and will allow you to select your printiing preferences such as black & white or coulour printing, double sided ro single sided, A4 or A3.

  • Click Install Print Driver for Windows \ MAC
  • Follow the instructions to install the driver

When you need to print a file, Click File - Print and then Select DITDriverPrint

Note: if you send a print job to the printer which has colour, you will be charged at colour rates. For driver printing, should you only need the job in black & white do the following:


2. How to print by uploading your documents to print

This will allow you to upload your document from PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and submit it to your print account. Supported file types are PDF, PS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Tiff.


3. How to print by copying a web address to print

This option allows you copy a web address from your browser and submit the page for printing. Supported file types are PDF, PS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Tiff.


4. How to print by emailing your document

  • Click Email your document to the print system
  • Your default email client will automatically open and allow you to attach your file to be printed


  • If you are using your student web based Google email, copy the Default email address or the Option 1 email address into the "To" field of a new email. Then attach your document and send. This will email the attachment to your print account.

Go to and enter your Student number and 4 digit PIN number to login. Click setup. If your PIN is not working or you have forgotten your PIN number please contact Datapac directly using the contact information in the "Need help" section

The printer will automatically log you out after 30 seconds of inactivity. However when you are finished with the printer you should manually log yourself out by clicking the yellow logout button on the keypad to avoid the next users accidentally using their credit.


Every telephone on the 402 network is programmed with a Call Category between Category 1 and 5. The category of an extension determines what numbers can be dialled from that extension.

  • Cat 1 : Internal access only
  • Cat 2 : Local Dublin
  • Cat 3 : Mobile and National
  • Cat 4 : United Kingdom
  • Cat 5 : Worldwide access

By default, extension are set to Cat 2, Dublin numbers only. Information Services can issue staff members with a PIN code for their extension so that they can dial additional numbers without going through the Central Switchboard.

Requests for PIN codes must be made in writing to the Service Desk. When requesting a PIN code, staff must

  • Apply in writing to the Service Desk
  • State your Name, Extension Number, Location and a Business Reason for the request
  • ICT Services will then seek authorisation from the Finance Directorate
  • Once the request has been approved, ICT Services will communicate the PIN code via email

To use your PIN code:

  1. Dial *72*12345# (Where 12345 is your registered PIN code)
  2. Dial 0 for an outside line
  3. Dial the required number


top ^

Touch tone services are commonly used with external telephony services such as those used with Information Lines and Telephone Banking. To enable the tone sender on your handset:

  1. Dial the required number and wait until you have been connected
  2. Press 9 (If you are using a phone with a display, the display will change to "Tone Sender On")

The touch tone sender will automatically disengage when you hang up your phone.


top ^

This feature engages a flashing light on your phone to indicate that you have a new voicemail message in your mailbox.

Please contact the Service Desk to have this facility programmed on your phone.


top ^

Limited call conferencing facilities are available at your desk. Three-way calling can be enabled if you are on a call to one person and wish to bring another person into that call so that the three parties can speak to each other at the same time.

Assuming that you are talking to the first party on your first line (ACCESS1):

  • Press INQUIRY and dial the second party that you wish to bring into the conference call
  • When the second party answers their phone, PRESS 3
  • You should hear a should "beep" and then all three parties will be able to speak to each other
  • Any party can leave the call at any stage by simply hanging up


top ^

This feature allows you to transfer a call from your extension to another extension.

  • If your caller is on Line 1 (ACCESS1), press INQUIRY
  • Dial the required extension
  • You can switch back to your original call by pressing ACCESS1 again
  • When you want to transfer the call, press TRANSFER


top ^

To Divert all incoming calls to your number to another internal phone.

  • Key in *21*1234# (Where 1234 is the number you wish to divert to)
  • On display phones, the display should now read "Follow Me : 1234"

To turn off Follow Me:

  • Key in #21#

Note: You do not need to lift the handset to use this feature.


top ^

The Service Desk can program a Call Divert (CAD) button onto your handset. This button is generally pre-programmed to the voicemail system. If you have this feature programmed onto your phone, simply press your Call Divert button to activate. Your display will change to reflect this.

Your phone will not ring when this feature is turned on, as all calls will automatically divert to your voicemail box.

To turn off this feature, press Call Divert again. The display will return to normal.


top ^

Sometimes you make a call to an internal extension and that extension is busy.

By using the Call Back feature, your phone can alert you as to when the person you are trying to contact is no longer engaged.

  • When you hear the "busy signal", press 6 on your phone and then hang up
  • Your phone will call you and if you answer, it will call the person you are trying to reach
  • When using Call Back, the ring tone of your phone will change to signify that a Call Back call
  • To cancel a Call Back, key in #37# on your handset


top ^

If you make a call to an internal extension and that extension is busy, you can alert that person that you are trying to contact them.

  • When you hear the "busy signal", press 5 on your phone and stay on the line.


top ^

Several extensions in the same office or nearby can be included in pickup groups.

When you hear another phone in the same group ringing, you can pick up the call on your own phone.

To have pickup groups setup in your office, contact the Service Desk

To pick up another phone within the pick-up group, press * 8 # on your phone.


top ^

Extensions which are setup with Voicemail have a number of additional options available that allow the user to choose how and when their phone goes to voicemail.

By default, extensions will automatically go to voicemail if a call is not answered after a predetermined number of rings, however if a user is already on a call and another call is received by their extension, they can choose whether the second caller gets a "busy tone" or is diverted to voicemail.

  • To Divert To Voicemail At No Answer:
    • Key in *211#
  • To Divert To Voicemail At Busy:
    • Key in *212#

If you find that these options are not functioning correctly, please contact the Service Desk


top ^

Number logging works in a similar way to the "Missed Call" function that most mobile phones use.

This feature enables users to scroll through a list of phone numbers that have recently dialled your extension number.

To enable this feature on your handset, please contact the Service Desk.

Please note this feature is only available on DBC203 / 223 / 225 handsets.


top ^

Did you know that the unused buttons on your telephone can be programmed by you to act as a "Speed Dial" button? To set up this feature:

  1. Press PROGRAM
  2. Press the button that you wish to use as a "Speed Dial" button
  3. Enter the number that you wish your "Speed Dial" button to call
  4. If you are programming an outside line, don't forget the 0 before the number!
  5. Press the "Speed Dial" button again
  6. Press PROGRAM again


top ^

This feature changes the ringing tone of your telephone when you have an incoming call.

To change your ring tone:

  1. Press PROGRAM
  2. Press a digit between 0 and 9
  3. Press PROGRAM again


top ^

To change your voicemail:

  1. Dial 3001.
  2. Enter your security code.
  3. Press 4 - greetings menu.
  4. Press 6 - standard greeting.
  5. Press 2 - record your message.
  6. Press 2 - to start/stop recording.
  7. Press 5 - save the recording.

Yes. Please contact the Service Desk on 402 3123 or email if you would like to change your voicemail default language to Irish.

My voicemail box if full. How do I delete messages?

  1. Access your voicemail by dialling 3001.
  2. Enter your security code.
  3. Press 5 - listen to a message.
  4. Press 3 - (while the message is playing) to delete a message.