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Current Projects

While there are many projects and areas of interest being followed by staff working in eLearning Support and Development, below are details of some current specific activities

VE4DIT Review Project
The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) currently in use at DIT is Blackboard, which we refer to locally as Webcourses. Our contract with Blackboard comes to an end in August 2019 and this gives us all an opportunity now to reflect on our requirements for a VLE as we develop further our Digital Campus and strive to create a unique, engaged, powerful and comprehensive experience for every student.
Frances Boylan is the LTTC lead contact for this project.

Learning Analytics for Student Success - Recognising that the development of learning analytics within DIT is likely to play a key role in the creation of our Digital Campus, this project aims to initiate the development and promotion of learning analytics across the institution.  At a macro level, this study evaluates institutional readiness for learning analytics implementation with specific objectives to:
•    inform the development of institutional learning analytics policy.
•    provide foundational information for use in the development of a technical and data infrastructure to support learning analytics.
On a micro-level, the project also comprises a non-experimental correlational study which explores learning analytics at module and programme level. To date, data has been harvested from institutional systems (including Blackboard and Banner) and analysed with the aim of identifying possible correlations between patterns of students’ engagement and student retention and success.
Pauline Rooney is the LTTC lead contact for this project

Blended Learning: An investigation into the current status of Blended Learning at DIT
Obtaining reliable information on the extent of the practice of blended learning across DIT has always proven difficult. This project, which is currently in its pilot phase, aims to rectify that. A key part is an initial scoping exercise focussing on one  DIT School to determine a useable and scaleable process. In addition to statistical information the project outputs will include a clear articulation of what Blended Learning means at DIT, plus strategies and initiatives to better support the development of Blended Learning.
Caitríona Ní Shé is the LTTC lead contact for this project.

DCLT Survey of eLearning Tool Use at DIT
This survey aims to determine the breadth of technology-enhanced learning tools in use across DIT, particularly those those that are not related to the DIT Virtual Learning Environment, webcourses. Preliminary results show that almost 100 additional tools/technologies/resources in addition to webcourse are being used by DIT colleagues in direct support of their teaching. The final report is expected February 2018.
Dolores McManus is the LTTC lead contact for this project.