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“It was one of the best experiences of my life. All the students were in “the same boat” so to speak, really nervous starting out, not knowing what was ahead or how we would cope. We became like one big family, helping and supporting each other” 

Karen, 4th year of DT491 Environmental Health

“The programme removed that fear and anxiety of the unknown. By the time I started my first year in Clinical Measurement I had a pretty good idea of what lay ahead and how to deal with it. The programme is the most effective way of preparing someone for third level. Now that I am nearly a qualified clinical physiologist, the sky is the limit. I intend to go places so to speak” 

Tendai, graduated in DT229 Clinical Measurement Science in 2014/15.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the team at the Access Foundation Programme. The work and passion they put into our year was one which I know will remain with me for many years. My year on the programme was extremely rewarding – it’s as simple as that! You will find strengths inside you that you did not think you had”

Paul, graduated in DT565 Chinese and International Business in 2014/15.

“From the first day of attending the programme to the very last, one word captures that experience, it was the opening and the last word of my reflective journal, WOW!  I can’t begin to explain completely the effect the Access Foundation Programme has had on me and the confidence it has instilled in me. I’ve never been happier in myself and with the significant difference it has made in my relationships with my wife and our children”

John, graduated in DT571 Social Care in 2014/15.