Access Service - TU Dublin City Campus

There are a range of financial supports available to students registered with the Access Service.         

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Internal Supports

Please see Forms and Content section of the Access Website for full details of internal funds available such as the Access Student Assistance Fund Rent Assistance. 

Rent Assistance and General Student Assistance Fund is another option of support offered in TU Dublin by the Financial Aid Office. Access Students can apply for either the Access SAF or General/Rent Assistance. Additional funding is available from the Financial Aid and Accommodation office such as Compulsory Travel fund, Class Materials fund, Emergency Assistance, Childcare Scheme, Dental/Opthalmic fund and these are open to all students who fit the required criteria. See for more. 

External Supports

Student Grants (SUSI grant)  Amounts of these grants vary, but many students will be entitled to full maintenance.  In addition, some students will be eligible for a special top-up grant.  Please check for more information.