Grangegorman ABC Programme



The identification and development of referral pathways for the 0-6 years age group and their families is a key component of the Grangegorman ABC Programme.

‘Referral pathways’ describe the processes by which a child needing social, medical or other supports can get access to appropriate services.  For example, this may include speech and language therapy, psychological services, physiotherapy, and a variety of education and development-related services.  Appropriate services can be those provided by statutory or community/voluntary organisations. 

Effective interagency working benefits children through the provision of supports for their parents and families and for community development.  A key goal of the referral pathway strand of Grangegorman ABC is to build, consolidate and expand sustainable relationships, networks and cooperation between statutory and non-statutory organisations working in the Grangegorman area for the benefit of children and families.

Referrals are best made as early as possible in children’s lives and as soon as possible once a particular problem or issue has emerged.  Currently a lot of referrals are made only after a child has started primary school.  This can prove too late for some interventions or make interventions more complicated and difficult.

Recent research carried out by Grangegorman ABC has shown a gap in referral pathways for 0-6 year olds in the Grangegorman area between the ages of 3 and 5 years after children leave the care of Public Health Nurses and before they start school.  Grangegorman ABC is working to close this gap with a number of initiatives including:


  • Upskilling, supporting and building the capacity of early years’ staff in the Grangegorman area to engage in and support referrals
  • Piloting a programme within the Grangegorman area to support the transition of children from early years’ services to primary schools
  • Ensuring that Grangegorman ABC implements best practice in terms of referral processes, interagency working and cooperation within ABC programme interventions to ensure that any referrals made into or out of the programme are appropriate, high quality and the best they can be for the children involved