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Certificate in Digital Delivery for Site Teams


Certificate in Digital Delivery for Site Teams (previously named 'CPD Certificate in Information Technology for Site Workers') is a one semester, part-time, upskilling programme for construction site managers, foremen and craftworkers. Increasingly Irish building sites are safe places to work and everyone carries a ‘Safepass’. However many of those people don't engage in the digital processes through which building sites and processes are increasingly managed. If you or your employees are amongst this group they can gain a ‘Digitalpass’ from DIT by attending this CPD programme. 

Having a Digitalpass ensures site personnel understand, and can contribute to, the digital flow of information. It means they can contribute better to site safety, lean construction and quality management processes. It means they can interrrogate a BIM model or .pdf to extract key information and record site events, but also spot errors or H+S violations and send information quickly back up the line. Digitally literate site personnel are more empowered: they ensure the flow of information from office to site becomes two-way to everyone's benefit. 

Content is delivered via lectures, practical workshops and tutorials. The programme has been structured and resourced to provide a positive student experience, underpinned by best practice curriculum design and appropriate support services. A teacher-to-student ratio has been selected that will ensure good learning and student retention for students who may be quite unfamiliar with many IT concepts and tools.

The programme delivery takes place every Wednesday for 13 weeks. The first, middle and last days are full days (9-5pm): the remaining days are afternoons from 3-6pm. This pattern should allow students to remain fully engaged on construction site.

In 2018 CitA Skillnet has provided a 20% discount reducing student fees from €1,050 to €840. Numbers are limited.  Apply before 20th August.

ARCH6001 Programme Details

  • At a glance
  • Level 6
  • Duration 1 Semester

Site management, construction management, BIM technician.

Graduates of Certificate in Digital Delivery for Site Teams have gone on to study DT149A Construction Site Management with great success.

The lectures on the programme sit on committee in the CIF and the RIAI. McGuinness, Malachy and Mady are all well-known advocates of technical innovation and digital upskilling.