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Postgraduate Diploma in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design)

For building design professionals such as architects, architectural technologists, engineers and building surveyors, an understanding of NZEB will be critical to professional survival. The NZEB standard will apply to all new public building from the end of 2018 and to all buildings by 2020.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design) (PGDipBP(EED)) programme is a 2 year part time programme, delivered over four semesters, which has been designed to enable building design professionals to develop skills in energy efficiency design for new and renovation building projects.

The programme combines online learning assessments with project work and explores a range of design tools required for NZEB design of residential and non-residential building types using a variety of digital modelling and environmental design software applications.

The Postgraduate Diploma sits within a larger MSc and comprises two elements, the first being a blended online Postgraduate Certificate which underpins and leads to the Postgraduate Diploma.

The first element is the Postgraduate Certificate aims at up-skilling and refocusing of building design professionals in a range of conceptual analysis tools, centred on energy and thermal performance calculation methodologies, computer modelling and analysis skills, and the application and development of these in a capstone project centred on Nearly Zero Energy Building performance targets.

The second element is the Postgraduate Diploma aims at the further development and application of new build and renovation-focussed technical design skills, and the application of these in more complex NZEB new and renovation design projects.


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  • PGDip BP(EED) Level 9
  • Duration 2 year blended online part time study

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  • Joseph Little
  • 01 402 3692
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The Postgraduate Diploma programme prepares students for the role of ‘Energy Efficiency Designer’ as provided for in the EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and as such is at the leading edge of low energy design education.

Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design) will be uniquely qualified to design and assess the energy performance in new and existing building typologies including multi-unit residential and non-domestic typologies measured against national performance metrics.

The blended online Postgraduate Certificate is the first part of a three part programmes and sits within a larger MSc and Postgraduate Diploma in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design). Graduates can progress to each stage of the programme on a modular basis.

Graduates may also enrol on the NSAI-recognised DT775B CPD Diploma in Thermal Bridge Assessment programme to become Register Thermal Modellers.

The Postgraduate Diploma programme was developed in response to Forfas research predicting economic growth and employment opportunities in the Green Economy.

It responds to various government policy and legislation and is supported by agencies such as OPW, SEAI, IGBC and RIAI. It is expected that this award will be recognised in public procurement processes.