Stephen Coy


My first experience of DIT was when I attended the phase 4 and phase 6 elements of the Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship in Linen Hall in 2000/2001. Following a couple of years working abroad as a fabricator, I resumed education in 2005 when I returned home to enrol in the Architectural Technology programme in DIT Bolton Street. I graduated with a BSc in Architectural Technology in 2008. Following this I moved to Edinburgh to pursue an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Edinburgh College of Art. I subsequently transferred and graduated from the Masters of Architecture Programme of the University of Edinburgh in 2012.

Throughout my time in education I worked part time with Keenan Lynch Architects on large commercial projects. Following graduation I remained with Keenan Lynch, focusing more on mid-scale housing developments. I was then very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to join OCA Architecture & Design, a design led practice based in Ranelagh. We are engaged primarily by homeowners from in and around the Dublin 4 & 6 areas looking to renovate or extend their dwellings. Due to the nature of the existing building stock in these areas, conservation principles and methodology plays a significant role in our approach. Of late we have become involved in larger schemes such as apartments and mid-size housing developments.

The architect who has interested and inspired me most throughout my education and subsequent career is Richard Murphy. I particularly admire his earlier work where he developed a very distinctive aesthetic, perfectly suited to the historic environs of Edinburgh City where the practice is located. I would advise any young or aspiring technologist to look at the detailing, treatment and combination of materials in these early projects.

My personal research interests at the moment are medieval aesthetics and digital fabrication/rapid prototyping technology.


Click here for more information on the TU Dublin DT175 BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology programme.