Noel Brady

Lecturing in history, theory & criticism, architecture and architectural technology

Noel Brady is a registered architect and lecturer on the DT175 BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and DT101 Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) programmes. He lectures in history, theory & criticism and architectural and technical design studio. Noel also supervises research on the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Architecture (MArch) programmes. 

Noel has been a lecturer with the school of architecture since 1990 (part time) taking up a full time role in 1998.  Since then he has taught on a wide range of programmes, including initiating, organising and contributing to publications, debates and conferences. 

In parallel he has successfully led a small consultancy practice garnering several awards and successes in competition.  In collaboration with other consultants and practices he has delivered a finely tailored architectural service to commercial, state and private clients.

His research interests cover architectural theory, practice, technology and urbanism.  Building on work wth Prof. Imre Halasz at MIT regarding principles of order in architecture. 

With Jim Roche he has contributed to the international research platform Oikonet.

Currently Noel is completing an executive MBA (2018) with DIT where he will be focusing on Strategic Entrepreneurship



Dip. Arch., Diploma in Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology 1985

B.Arch.Sc., Bachelor of Architectural Science, Trinity College Dublin 1985

S.M.Arch.S., Master of Science in Architecture Studies, M.I.T., U.S.A. 1989

MRIAI – 1992 to date

MIDI – 1991 to date

FRIAI (Fellow Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland)


Year Head Architecture – Year 1, 3, 4

Year Head Architecture Technology – Year 2, 3

Lecturer - Architectural Design Studio

Lecturer Technical (Architectural) Design Studio

Lecturer HTC – History of Urbanism

Lecturer HTC – Contemporary Urbanism

Lecturer HTC – Architectural Case Studies

Lecturer HTC – History & Theory of Architectural Technology

Lecturer – Elective Programme - Design

Lecturer – Urban Design Practice


DIT Academic and Managements

Co-ordinator – Vertical Project - Dublin Urban Project

Course Development – Design Studies

Course Development – M Arch

Grangegorman Committee – Faculty Rep. – New DIT Campus

Chair – Modularity Committee (School of Architecture)

School of Architecture Academic Exchange Coordinator



Teaching Assistant MArch Thesis Preparation

Visiting Critic/Professor

Dept. of Architecture - MassachusettsCollege of Art

School of Architecture - University College Dublin

School of Architecture - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

1985 – 1987      Assistant Architect London

1989 – 1990      Assistant Urban Designer BTA

1990 – 1994     Associate Richard Hurley & Associates

1994 –              Founder Director  NJBA A+U

1996 – 2016     Founder Director Synthetic Reality

2007 –              Founder Director 12 Publishers

2016 –              Founder Director Parenthesis Research Ltd. (acquiring interests of Synthetic Reality


2011   Dublin’s Future: New Visions for Ireland’s Capital City – “Crossings” Chapter Editor Lorcan Sirr

Articles & Journals

1989   Founding co-editor Metamorphosis Student Architectural Journal  , M.I.T., Cambridge, USA

1989   “Museums; The New Cathedrals” Metamorphosis Student Architectural Journal  , M.I.T., Cambridge, USA

1990   “Architectural Principles of Community Dwellings”, Healthcare Compendium, co-authored with Prof. Imre Halasz Van Nostrand Reinhold, USA

1996   Co-editor, Architectural Journal 1, D.I.T. Ireland

1998   Co-editor, Architectural Journal 2, D.I.T. Ireland

2001   “Strategic Cities”, Building Material AAI Journal Winter, Dublin, Ireland

2002   Co-editor, Metropolitan Corridor Conference Proceedings, D.I.T., Dublin, Ireland

2011   Co-editor, Issue 1, New Journal of Architecture, D.I.T. Ireland

2016   Material – AAI Journal - “Iron in the Soul” - investigating the Mies’ Cruciform columns

2016   Co-editor, Architecture Ireland - Place, RIAI Ireland


1994   Irish Architect – Mercy International Centre, [Associate with RHA]

1995   Irish Architect – Dublin Olympic Masterplan, [NJBA + RHA]

1996   Circa Art Magazine – FIS Sculpture Competition [Noel Brady + Brian Connolly]

1996   Plan Magazine – FIS Sculpture Competition [Noel Brady + Brian Connolly]

1997   Irish Architect – Liss Ard – Perceptive Ecological Realms

1998   Irish Times – Dublin Central Rail Terminal [NJBA A+U]

1998   Business Contact – Dublin Central Rail Terminal  [NJBA A+U]

1999   Irish Architect – DIT School of Architecture – Urban Project

2002   Irish Architect – Regeneration?

2003   Irish Architect - Interview with Glenn Murcutt, Architect

2003   Architecture Ireland (formerly Irish Architect) – Architecture at Work

2004   Select Architecture (Ireland) – Skins Thick & Thin

2004   Architecture Ireland - Interview with Foreign Office Architects

2005   Architecture Ireland – Winning Entry Gaelite Neon Competition [NJBA A+U]

2006   Architecture Ireland - Interview with Thom Mayne (Morphosis)

2006   Architecture Ireland - Interview with David Chipperfield

2006   A10 - 5 – Neon Nation [NJBA A+U]

2006   Select Architecture (Ireland) – Le Petite Maison

2006   Architecture Ireland - Interview with Winy Maas (MVRDV)

2007   Architecture Ireland - Reconciliation – the search for an authentic architecture (Glenn Murcutt & Juhani Palasmaa)

2007   Baumeister 2007 - Reconciliation – Auf der Suche nach einer authentischen Architektur; (Ein Gespräch mit Glenn Murcutt und Juhani Pallasmaa) reprint and translation

2007   Architecture Ireland - Tadao Ando – Inside Out

2009   Architecture Ireland – Interview with James Mary O’Connor – Loosening the ties that bind

2009   New Housing 2 – RIAI (Tonlegee) [NJBA A+U]

2010   Architecture Ireland – Interview with Michael Warren Sculptor – The strange matter of Time and Space

2010   Architecture Yearbook RIAI – Black to White – Essay on small scale architecture in Ireland

2011   Architecture Ireland – Alternative Practice – Thoughts on Architectural Research

2012   Urban Design – Rush 2020 – Article on the urban masterplan/vision document for Rush Co. Dublin [NJBA A+U]

2012   Architecture Ireland - 2:1 The Paper Tube Project, Exhibition Review

2012   Architecture Ireland – A Glimpse inside the Hive Mind of Snohetta - Interview with Craig Dykers

2012   Version 12.2.1 – The Impossible Memorial

2015   Fit for Renting - an investigation into space standards of Irish Housing Noel Brady & Jim Roche

2016   Architecture Ireland - Mirror Mirror – Review of Mapping Beauty Seminar

2016   Architecture Ireland – In the tension between freedom and need – Review of Self Made City (Berlin Cohousing Book)

Conferences & Seminars

1993   Presentation of Project for Toolo Bay, Helsinki SAFA Urban Design Conference, Helsinki, Finland

1999   Conference Committee – Architectural Education, DIT, Dublin, Ireland

2001   Chair for panel discussion - The Design of Cities – National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland

2002   Co-organiser Metropolitan Corridors Conference – Dublin Ireland

2002   Presentation of Infrastructural Architecture for Metropolitan Corridors Conference – Dublin Ireland

2005   Eileen Gray Conference - The Roots of Order – Presentation of Design Research (directed work undertaken by DIT students)

2009   Chair of panel discussion – Procuring the Future, Darc Gallery, Dublin Ireland

2012   Co-Organiser – “Untitled” Architectural Conference for AIARG 1, Dublin, Ireland

2012   “Iron in the Soul” Paper investigating the origins of Mies’ Cruciform column in the Barcelona Pavilion at AIARG 1

2015   “The deserted village” Paper investigating the morphology of the deserted village on Achill Island at AIARG 4

2016   Chair of panel discussion – Urban Theory & Practice, RIAI/AOU Conference, Dublin Ireland

1987     1st Place Fulbright Scholarship, USA & Ireland

1989     1st Place – Leaders for Manufacturing Programme (MIT) – New Logo

1989     1st Place - Minato Mirai, Yokohama Competition, Japan [Team Member with Ben Thompson & Associates]

1992     Commended - Ballybunion Golf Club Competition, Ireland [Team Leader with Richard Hurley & Associates]

1992   Mentioned in report - Smithfield Urban Plan Competition, Ireland [Team Leader with Richard Hurley & Associates]

1992     Finalist - Windgap Sculpture Competition, Ireland – Finalist [Noel Brady & Ronna Fibikar]

1996     1st Place (joint) - FIS Sculpture Competition, Ireland [Noel Brady &  Brian Connolly, Artist]

1998   1st Place - Knocksink Research Centre, Ireland [NJBA A+U]

1999     Highly Commended (2nd) - Navan Civic Space (Ireland) [NJBA A+U]

2000     Finalist – EU-Light of the Future, Milan (Italy) [Synthetic Reality Inventive Design]

2001     Finalist – O’Connell Street Furniture (Kiosks) Competition, Dublin (Ireland) [NJBA A+U]

2002   Certificate of Merit Planning –National Planning Awards Carlow 800 [with MOLA Architects]

2002   Certificate of Merit Urban Design–National Planning Awards Carlow 800 [with MOLA Architects]

2005   1st Place Gaelite Neon Sculpture Competition  [NJBA A+U]

2005   Runner Up – Invention Competition - DIT [Noel Brady]

2005   RIAI - Irish Architecture Award – Brooke Heussaff Residence [NJBA A+U]

2005   IDI Commendation – Brooke Heussaff Residence, Dublin Ireland [NJBA A+U]

2005   OPUS Award – Brooke Heussaff Residence, Dublin Ireland [NJBA A+U]

2005   Highly Commended – Planning National Planning Awards Killarney Masterplan [with MOLA Architects]

2005   Highly Commended – Urban Design National Planning Awards Killarney Masterplan [with MOLA Architects]

2006   Selected for Long List - Everest Project Line of Sight Online Sketch Competition, London [NJBA A+U]

2006   AAI Award – Brooke Heussaff Residence, Dublin Ireland [NJBA A+U]

2006   Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence – DIT, Dublin, Ireland

2007   2nd Joint Dublin Quays 2032 – OPUS Expo & Architecture Ireland, Dublin, Ireland [NJBA A+U + Jim Horan]

2008   Selected for Exhibition - AAI Award - Air Rights 1, Dublin Ireland [NJBA A+U]

2008   Selected for Exhibition RIAI - Irish Architecture Award – Tonlegee House (12 Units), Dublin Ireland [NJBA A+U]

2009   Selected for Exhibition RIAI - Irish Architecture Award – Drumcondra Credit Union, Ireland [NJBA + OOCA]

2010   Selected for “Space for Learning” Exhibition – IAF “Palace of Rooms” [NJBA + St. Patricks College Cavan]

2012   Shortlisted - UDG Francis Tibbalds Urban Design Award 2011 – 2012 (UDG UK) for Rush 2020 [NJBA A+U]

2012   Commended IPI – Nat. Planning Awards Strategic & Local Plan Making 2011 – 2012 for Rush 2020 - [NJBA A+U]

2012   Finalist – Monument for Victims of Abuse, International Competition Ireland

2013   2nd – ACE Imagine Energy Competition, Ireland

2014   Selected for Exhibition – Høyblokka Revisited, Oslo, Norway [NJBA A+U]