Francis Noel Duffy

Lecturing in the Architectural Design Studio, Environmental Science, Technical Studio & Digital Communications in the Timber Product Technology programme

Francis Noel Duffy has a background in art and politics which feeds into his role in the School of Architecture. The artistic work explores light and abstraction, developed from his undergraduate education in architecture, drawing on cubist theories of intuition and space. His political mandate is also fused to architecture in the context of environmental protection, Francis completed a master’s in architecture in 2018 which questioned why timber is underutilised in the Irish construction industry. The research focused on State policy, academy and procurement practices, seeking reasons for timbers inertia and direction to promote the use of this unique sustainable building material. Francis is continuing to research timber as a sustainable building material and use this information to shape local and national policy.
Degree in Architecture 1997 TCD

Dip Arch 1997 DIT 

Masters in Architecture, Dublin School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology (2018)
¿¿Against the grain, Why is timber underutilised in the irish construction industry, given its environmental properties?
Member of the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly

Public Representative - South Dublin County Council

Member of Mensa
Lecturer, Sydney University. 1999

Lecturer, Dublin School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology: 2001-2016

Principal at RM Duffy Architecture 2002-2016 


Primarily domestic procurement projects

Contemporary art exhibitions exploring light and abstraction