Sima Rouholamin

Lecturing in Architectural Design Studio

Sima Rouholamin is a registered architect and lecturer on the DT101 Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) programme. She lectures in architectural design studio, building technology and environmental science.  

Sima Rouholamin is a lecturer and a doctoral candidate at Dublin School of Architecture. Sima gained her Bachelor of Architectural degree from University College Dublin in 2004.  On completion of her part II, she worked with John O’Neill and Associates Architects (JONA) where she had previously worked on a part-time capacity whilst studying architecture. At JONA she gained valuable architectural experience in a variety of architectural projects and design methodologies. In 2005, she part founded Twenty Architecture, where she further explored her interests in environmental & human centred design and further developed multidisciplinary collaboration in small practice setting. In 2008, she completed her professional practice exams and became member of Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.

Her interest with the process of design brought her back to academia and DIT, where she has been teaching and learning since 2007.

She is particularly interested in Architectural and Design Pedagogies and is currently examining ‘the effectiveness of assessment and feedback methods on students/ creative process in architecture and its’ associated impact on levels of ‘play’ and experimentation on students’ design process.’

PG Certificate in Third Level Teaching & Learning, Dublin Institute of Technology 2009

PG Certificate in Professional Practice, University College Dublin 2008

B.Arch., (2.1), University College Dublin 2004

B.Sc. Arch, (2.1), University College Dublin 2002

Dip.Arch.Tech., (Distinction), Waterford Institute of Technology 1999
Member of Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland 2008 to date 

Member of the AAI 2004 – 2007 

Associate Member of The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland 1999 to 2004
Thesis Unit Tutor, Fifth Year, Architecture 2016 to date

Studio Lecturer, Fourth Year, Architecture 2015 to date

Studio Lecturer, Fifth Year, Architecture 2013 to 2015

MPhil Co supervisor with Dr Aidan Duffy 2013 to 2015

MSc in energy retrofitting, Co supervisor 2013/2014

Year Master, Fourth Year, Architectural Technology 2009 to 2014

Module Leader, Environmental Design, Architectural Technology 2007 to 2011

Lecturer in Environmental Design, Architectural Technology 2007 to date

Lecturer in Environmental Design, Architecture 2007 to 2013

Guest Critic, Various Years, School of Architecture 2007 to date

Assistant Head, Second Year, Architectural Technology 2008/2009

Studio Lecturer, Third Year, Architectural Technology 2007/2008

Studio CAD Lecturer, Third Year, Architectural Technology 2007/2008

Studio CAD Lecturer, First Year, Architectural Technology 2007/2008

Studio Graphics Lecturer, First Year, Architectural Technology 2007/2008
Research, Development & Engagement:
PhD Candidate in Architectural Pedagogies (Part time) 2011 to date

Validation panel to CIT/UCC 2013
Masters in Interior Architecture, Technical Architecture 
External Examiner CIT, Honours & Ordinary degree in Architectural Technology 2009-2012
Engagement with Public bodies, 2009-2013
OPW and DCC through student learning with communities                               
Senior Architect/Partner, Twenty Architecture 2005 to 2009

Senior Architect, John  O’Neill & Associates 2004 to 2005

Junior Architect, John  O’Neill & Associates 2001 to 2004
Architectural Assistant, John O'Neill & Associates, 1998 to 2001
Co supervisor on paper by Lee Corcoran & DR Aideen Duffy 2013
‘A hygrothermal analysis of international timber frame wall assemblies tested under temperate maritime climatic conditions’. 

Irish Architects Magazine – Various Article on Education 

Irish Architects Magazine – Various Publication of Architectural Projects

AAE – Paper on Architectural Education 2013

AIRAG – Paper on Architectural Education 2012

A Collaboration Journey I   –   Clongriffin Community Centre 2010

A Collaboration Journey II  –  Verschoyle Court Senior Citizen Housing 2011

A Collaboration Journey III – Cuilin House, Refurbishment and Redevelopment 2012

A Collaboration Journey IV – Reimaging Hawkins House 2013
Winner of Annual college teaching excellence award 2012

Winner of competition for Special Olympics design UCD 2004

Winner of multi-disciplinary Student Competition for bridge & apartment design 2004

Shortlisted for Westport County Council Offices 2002

RIAI Architectural Technologist Silver Medal 1998