‌B855 National Craft Certificate Apprenticeship in Painting & Decorating

What is a Painter and Decorator?

Painter and Decorators apply paint coatings, wall coverings and other materials internally and externally for decorative and preservation purposes. This can be to walls/surfaces in private dwellings and in commercial/industrial locations or other structures. Painters and Decorators can also be involved in the designing and producing of sign work and displays; and advice on colour selection and interior design.

Irish Team at UNIEP-Painting Skills Legacy Event

Painter and Decorators are usually employed by building or painting contractors or may be
self-employed. Painter and Decorators require many skills including:

  • Working with a variety of specialised hand and power tools
  • Being aware of how colours, textures and shapes are used in design
  • Knowledge of renovation, preservation and restoration
  • Performing a range of painting techniques
  • Application of wall hangings to a wide variety of situations
  • Designing and producing sign work and displays
  • Advising on colour selection and interior design

Personal Qualities and Skills

As a Painter and Decorator you will need to be physically active and to be able to work with your
hands. An awareness of health and safety and good housekeeping is essential as well as attention to detail
and an eye for the aesthetic.

The Painter and Decorator must have the ability to:

  • Plan and organise
  • Communicate effectively
  • Solve problems
  • Work independently and as part of a team
  • Show a positive attitude
  • Recognise the need for good customer relations
  • Demonstrate good work practices including time keeping, tidiness, responsibility, quality awareness and safety awareness

 How to become an Apprentice

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