A global multidisciplinary network on housing research and learning          

Oikonet is a three-year international collaborative housing research programme funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme that began in October 2013 with 34 partners from within and outside Europe including DIT, consisting of universities, research organisations, local administrations and professional and social organizations. The programme developed from an earlier research programme entitled Oikodomus that created a virtual campus for a smaller group of institutes.

According to the project’s coordinator, Leandro Madrazo, the objective of OIKONET - the OIKODOMOS Network - is “to create a platform of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective by encompassing the multiple dimensions which condition the forms of dwelling in today’s societies: architectural, urban, environmental, economic, cultural and social. Its aim is to foster the exchange of knowledge, methodologies and good practices among research groups and higher education institutions.”[1] This expansive ambition of the programme affords multiple and exciting opportunities for students, teachers and researchers while simultaneously presenting huge challenges.

OIKONET has three areas of activity each one making a sub-network within the network: housing research, community participation actions and pedagogical activities. DSA participates in the pedagogic sub-network which aims to bring together different stakeholders, learning environments and disciplines. The yearly activities of the network include meetings, digital workspaces, an international workshop and an international conference.

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Click here for further information on OIKONET: http://oikonet.org/

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