Architectural Students Association

The ASA is the Architectural Students Association. The society is based in the Dublin School of Architecture at Linenhall. Originally limited to architecture students, the society is open to anyone in DIT interested in architecture, and has members from the architectural technology course, as well as timber technology students, becoming a college society for the whole school. 
The ASA’s main role is to help the students from the various years mix together, to get out of their own studio and integrate. This is done through social events such as our Sangria Ball each October, which usually has a fancy dress theme, and the ASA Formal Ball, a black tie event usually in April.
In addition to this, there are lots of other informal nights out and activities. The ASA also has an educational function, as a lecture series is organised each year. We invite Architects, Artists and others from the creative field to speak.  We also organise workshops to assist students in key skills such as model making and portfolio design.
Finally, as a college society, the ASA is the students voice to campaign and lobby for changes in the college, to draw attention to deficiencies in facilities and we aim to stand behind any student encountering difficulty with the college.
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