Class Outings

The Dublin School of Architecture is located in Dublin's north city centre. Rich with history, heritage, and numerous live urban regeneration and construction projects, the city is one of our most vital learning tools. Each of our programme's arrange site visits, field trips, and class trips in each year of most programmes. These outings provide a unique opportunity for students to learn, as a collective, outside of the classroom and studio about their disciplines. Site visits and field trips are arranged and lead by class lecturers. Class trips are arranged by Year Tutors. Students are responsible for their own safety and welfare during all of these outings.

Site Visits generally involve the class visiting a building and or construction site of a building project in person for a short period of time.

Field Trips generally involve a trip made to research or study a location or project in person. Field Trip durations range from 1 or 2 day outings within Dublin or Ireland.

Class Trips generally involve more extensive travel, in either duration or travel distance (further afield) or both.  Class trips are generally organised by the Year Tutors. Students and nominated Class Representatives are notified by Year Tutors of class trip dates and locations as early in the academic year as possible in order plan the group’s travel.

In advance of all trips, lecturers will complete the Trip Risk Assessment Form and the Site Visits Form and submit them to the School office at least 1 week prior to departure.

All costs for travel are generally covered by students as a contribution to their course and additional tuition received on the outings. When planning the trips, wherever possible, lecturers and organisers ensure the least expensive option is available to all students. If the trip is an essential part of the course, or any module on the course, then students may apply for the Student financial support for compulsory travel: