Online learning at the Dublin School of Architecture

The Dublin School of Architecture offers a range of postgraduate and CPD upskilling programmes in blended online mode. This is achieved using a range of cloud-based digital tools which enable distance learning for an Irish and EU-wide market. See the following webpages for details and online application forms:

DT9771 Postgraduate Certificate in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design)

DT9772 Postgraduate Diploma in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design)

DT9773 MSc in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design)

DT9774 CPD Diploma in NZEB Design Tools

DT775B CPD Diploma in Thermal Bridge Assessment  (NSAI recognised)

ENEN9101 CPD Certificate in NZEB Policy and Technologies

Students entering online learning programmes and modules are required to complete a day-long college-based induction process which ensures that they can access all required cloud-based tools from DIT PCs and from personal laptops and handheld devices. An induction schedule has been designed to ensure that all students can access all the online module resources using both college based DIT PCs and also personal laptops and devices.

The online learning programmes utilise a full range of Google Application or Apps. Students access all resources through Gmail. Google Sites are used for Student Handbook and Module resources. Students are required to set up a DIT Google profile based on their student number and engage in online dialogue with lecturers and colleagues through a programme specific Google Community. Online assessments are set using Google Forms while results are issued through Google Sheets. Tutorial groups use Google Hangouts while the programme resources are arranged accessible through Google Classroom. In this way the full range of Google Aps are using in an integrated and interconnected way to facilitate a dynamic and interactive form of online distance learning.

All resources necessary to complete pre-induction processes are included on the Online Induction Google Site