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Welcome to the School of Biological & Health Sciences

I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Biological & Health Sciences, Technological University Dublin. Our School has a long and distinguished history in health science education. Over the past 70 years, the School has developed a strong reputation for the education and training of Medical Scientists, Dietitians and technically skilled Laboratory Scientists. Our graduates have advanced their careers in managing clinical diagnostic laboratories or hospital dietetic departments; launching their own companies; pursuing cutting-edge research and contributing to the education of the next generation of Scientists and Allied Health Practitioners.

Our mission in the School is to foster the development of Biomedical Scientists, Dietitians, Public Health Nutritionists and technically skilled Scientists who will actively contribute to the advancement of healthcare, diagnostics, knowledge generation and research. The School has over 40 dedicated and valued academic, technical and administrative staff who actively participate in the fulfilment of this mission. The School is unique in its provision in a number of allied health areas as follows:

The School is the only centre nationally providing undergraduate education in Dietetics (joint BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme with the University of Dublin, Trinity College).

  • The School is one of only three accredited centres nationally educating undergraduates for the Medical Science Profession (BSc Biomedical Science).
  • The School is the only centre nationally providing accredited MSc education for Medical Scientists (MSc Clinical Laboratory Science).
  • The BSc and MSc programmes in Biomedical Science are accredited by the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM, Ireland) and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS, UK).
  • Responding to the needs of Professions, the School has developed a number of niche CPD provisions in Histopathological Dissection and in Medical Device Decontamination.
  • The School has a strong national reputation in educating highly skilled graduates for Biosciences and Biomolecular Science.
  • The School has recently launched a BSc in Biomedical and Molecular Diagnostics educating graduates for the Diagnostic industry sector.


The School provides PhD and MSc research opportunities across its areas of active research such as Biomedical Science, Therapeutics, Biotechnology, Dietetics, Nutrition and Health. The School was recognised as a leader in the area of Education and Research having been awarded Education and Research Laboratory of the Year at the 2016 Irish laboratory Awards and was a shortlisted finalist in 2017.

As we continue to pursue our mission, I look forward to welcoming you to the School, as students, scientists and collaborators.

Prof Mary Hunt

Head of School

For additional information please contact: