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Associate Professor Mary Hunt, Head of School

Dr Jan Guerin, Assistant Head of School

Dr Steve Meaney, Assistant Head of School

Ms.Kathy Keogh, School Administrator

Professor Orla Howe, Senior Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology

Professor John Kearney, Lecturer in Epidemiology

Dr Niamh Gilmartin, Lecturer in Biochemistry

Dr Andrew Knox, Lecturer in Biochemistry

Dr Leanne Harris, Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr Oscar MacAnaney, Lecturer in Physiology & Nutrition

Dr Alice McEvoy, Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr Suzanne Doyle, Assistant Lecturer in Dietetics

Dr Daniel McCartney, Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr Celine Herra, Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology

Dr Sara Lynch, Lecturer in Molecular, Diagnostic and Clinical Immunology

Dr Greg Byrne, Lecturer in Clinical Immunology

Dr Julie Ann Naughton, Lecturer in Microbiology

Dr Claire Wynne, Lecturer in Haematology

Dr Fergus Ryan, Lecturer in Medical Genetics

Dr Gwilym Williams, Lecturer in Biotechnology

Dr Derek Neylan, Senior Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology, Biological Basis of Disease

Ms. Sheila Sugrue, Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr Denise Drudy, Lecturer in Biomedical Microbiology

Mr. Frank Clarke, Lecturer in Clinical Chemistry

Ms. Alison Malkin, Lecturer in Cytology

Mr. Fabian McGrath, Lecturer in Transfusion Science

Dr Natalie Hopkins, Lecturer in Physiology

Dr. Mairead Stack, Lecturer in Physiology and Food Science

Dr Katherine Younger, Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition

Dr Shane Dillon, Assistant Lecturer in Microbiology

Dr Aileen Kennedy, Assistant Lecturer in Dietetics

Dr Kathleen Brosnan, Assistant Lecturer in Cellular Pathology

Dr Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Lecturer in Nutrition

Dr Therese Murphy, Assistant Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Dr Marcus Maher, Assistant Lecturer in Biochemistry

Dr Brenda Brankin, Lecturer in Biochemistry

Mr. Conor McCaffrey, Microbiology and Biotechnology Technician

Ms. Elizabeth McCluskey, Senior Technical Officer Biochemistry & Clinical Chemistry

Dr Patrick Power, Blood Sciences Technician

Ms. Dolores Spain, Technical Officer

Mr. Michael Jones, Laboratory Assistant

Dr Paul Corcoran, Cell and Molecular Biology Technician

Ms. Karen Harney, Microbiology/Biotechnology Technician

Ms. Naomi Jackson, Histology and Cellular Pathology Technician