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Microscope image

Laboratories in the School of Biological and Health Sciences are equipped with modern audio-visual systems including a point-of-view teaching camera and integrated broadcast of laboratory equipment screens (e.g. microscope, microplate reader) support the students’ learning experience in the practical setting. In addition, practical classes are delivered across our ten teaching laboratories which are equipped for state-of-the-art teaching in a variety of disciplines including microbiology, biochemistry, fundamental biology, haematology/transfusion science, physiology, immunology and cell and molecular biology. Two highly specialist units have been designed to simulate authentic workplace laboratory environment – a biotechnology and analytical biochemistry laboratory (BAB) and a medical device decontamination (MDD) laboratory. The MDD laboratory was equipped by market leaders in the Medical Device Industry including Miele Professional and Wassenburg Medical, providing a unique experience for authentic, student-centred learning.

The School will relocate to the TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus Central Quad on 1st September 2020, which is a really exciting development for the School. Specialist teaching spaces have been designed from a pedagogy, required flow, storage and laboratory design layout perspective following a significant design consultation process through structured discipline-specific Working Groups.