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To become a qualified building engineer, here is an overview to your different study path options.

TU Dublin is the primary source of graduates for this profession in Ireland and is the only institution which is accredited by Engineers Ireland for chartered engineering professionals in this field.


Many undergraduates begin their journey via the CAO entry stream into the Level 7 (DT005A) course which is a 3 year full-time programme.


Upon graduation, some will then take up full-time employment but a large number continue up to Level 8 choosing either full-time or part-time options (we offer a flexible bespoke option range to suit each individual candidate).

There are also part-time entry study options which are outside of the CAO system and can be applied for directly (typically these options are chosen by people who are already working as construction professionals e.g. plumbers or electricians who want to upskill to become fully qualified building engineers).

Full-Time Courses

Building Engineering - DT005A

Key Course Info

CAO Code: DT005A
Qualification: Level 7
Duration: 3 years
Programme Type: Ordinary Degree
2017 CAO Points: 251
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Building Engineering - DT026A

Key Course Info

CAO Code: DT026A
Qualification: Level 8
Duration: 3 years
Programme Type: Honours Degree
2018 CAO Points: 372
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Part-Time Courses

Building Engineering - DT7013

Key Course Info

CAO Code: DT7013
Qualification: Level 7 Degree Level
Duration: 1 - 2 years
Programme Type: Part-Time
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Building Engineering - DT6030

Key Course Info

CAO Code: DT6030
Qualification: Level 6 Higher Certificate
Duration: 1 - 3 years
Programme Type: Part-Time
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(Students can also transfer to the Level 8 degree programme after completing the General Engineering programme within TU Dublin.)