TU Dublin- City Campus welcome David Gluckman to the College of Business

20 February 2019

The internationally recognised product development and marketing guru, David Gluckman will share his insights and experience.

Tuesday 26th of February
1st Floor, Management House (adjacent to library)
College of Business, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Join us on Tuesday 26th of February as we welcome David Gluckman to the College of Business. Gluckman has built an illustrious 40-year career developing and marketing products such as Kerrygold, Baileys, and alcoholic drinks brands owned by Diageo, he will share some of his biggest successes, failures and provide advice on the marketing fundamentals. 

Gluckman’s book on his experiences- 'That S*it Will Never Sell!is an illuminating tell-all book where he sheds light on his career and the fascinating world of brand development. 

David Gluckman was born and educated in South Africa.  After leaving university, he went into advertising later immigrating to the UK where he continued his career.  He was part of the agency team in 1963 that transformed Irish butter from a low-priced commodity to a brand, Kerrygold, under the guidance of A J F O’Reilly.

Seeking a more creative role, he transferred into brand development consultancy in 1969 and has worked in the field ever since.  His most successful work has been in the drinks business for Diageo and his portfolio of successes includes Baileys Irish Cream (inspired by Kerrygold), Sheridan’s, Le Piat d’Or, The Singleton, Smirnoff Black, Cîroc and Tanqueray Ten.  He worked in all major drinks markets, from the USA to South Korea and Japan.

His approach to ideas and brand development is very different from most practitioners. Part of his mantra is ‘No Plan B: only deliver a single solution in response to a brief.  He also believes in ‘hands on’ engagement in brand development which often led to the development of his own product prototypes, despite no technical qualifications.

He also believes that marketers over-value the input consumers can provide to the development process.  They ‘like what they know’ but rarely ‘know what they like’.  This has resulted in the employment of tiny market research budgets for development programmes, sometimes avoiding research altogether.  He invariably did his own research on new ideas in English-speaking countries.

One of the phrases he uses to sum up his approach is “If you don’t know what you can’t do, you can do anything!”

All TU Dublin Staff, Students and Alumni are welcome to attend- Register here.

Any queries on the event please contact the organisers at the School of Marketing- Alex Gibson or Dr. Rosie Hand

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