Dr Anushree Priyadarshini to participate in the Enhance MicroAlgae Acceleration Programme

26 February 2019

Dr Anushree Priyadarshini from the School of Accounting and Finance is part of the project ‘EXCEL-ALGAE’ with UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science, selected as one of the five projects in Europe for the Enhance MicroAlgae Acceleration Programme.

The competitive programme is funded by Interreg Atlantic Area - European Regional Development Fund for microalgae-based industry for transfer of technological and economic expertise to the commercial sector.

The Enhance MicroAlgae (EMA) Acceleration Programme aims to contribute to the competitiveness of microalgae-based industry in the Atlantic Area through the transfer of technological and economic expertise to the commercial sector. This Programme will facilitate information transfer between a panel of experts and companies specialising in different areas like; nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, thus, encouraging business cooperation among the different countries. It will:

– Undertake a comprehensive analysis of skills, skill gaps and opportunities in the microalgae sector
– Develop case studies, supported by Decision Support Tools, to increase economic performance and competitiveness with the transfer of know-how from academic and technological centres to SMEs
– Analyse critical factors of operation from an environmental point of view
– Incorporate nanotechnology/new technologies (emerging and/or transferred from other sectors) to microalgae sector
– Encourage the creation of spin-offs and self-employment

The fully funded programme will run from March-May 2019 in Braga, Portugal and will include range of workshops on business model development, route to market, intellectual property, legal steps for setting up a company and investor meetings.

Dr Priyadarshini is part of the multi-disciplinary team of the project EXCEL-ALGAE, selected for the EMA Acceleration Programme. EXCEL-ALGAE aims to design & develop innovative & sustainable processes capable of improving the extraction efficiency & recovering high-yield of value-added carbohydrates & proteins from both culture-media & cell-biomass for nutraceutical & cosmeceutical applications. As a member with business management expertise on the team, Dr Priyadarshini will work on the economic sustainability assessments of the developed technology or process through techno-economic analysis and on the development of a business plan for a potential spin-off.

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