Recent Publications

The following lists recent journal and book publications by TU Dublin faculty.  For further information on College of Business publication activity please visit the Arrow Repository at

 Publications in 2019

Abdulrazzaq, Y.M., Morales, L., and Coughlan, J. (2019) “Oil Sector Spillover Effects to Kuwait Stock Market in the Context of Uncertainty”. Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 14(1), pp. 21-37

Alqurashi, A., Priyadarshini, A., & Jaiswal, A.K. (2019). Evaluating Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Foodservice Staff in Al Madinah Hospitals, Saudi Arabia. Safety5(1),9

Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B., and Morales, L., (2019) “Emerging Asian Economies: are they really a challenge to the current Status Quo?”. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Vol.21(1)

Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B., Morales, L., (2019) “Impact of the Trump Administration on the Economies of the Greater China Region” in Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Bruna, Z. and Jaussaud, J. (eds.) Asian Nations and Multinationals. Scientific Publishing Services

Cooney, T.M. and Licciardi, M. (2019, forthcoming) – The Same but Different: Understanding Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Disadvantaged Communities – From: Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Individual, contextual and Micro-Foundational Perspectives (Editors: M. McAdam and J. Cunningham) – Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke

Futonge Nzembayie, K.; Buckley, A. and Cooney, T.M. (2019) – Researching Pure Digital Entrepreneurship – A Multimethod Insider Action Research Approach – Journal of Business Venturing Insights (forthcoming)

Graham, C., & O’Rourke, B. K. (2019). Cooking a corporation tax controversy: Apple, Ireland and the EU. Critical Discourse Studiesonline Jan 2019

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2019) Challenges and Opportunities brought to the Chinese Economy by Brexit and the New US Administration. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, forthcoming

Njoku, K. and Cooney, T. (2019), Understanding how immigrant entrepreneurs view business opportunity formation through ethnicity, in David Higgins, Paul Jones and Pauric McGowan  (ed.) Creating Entrepreneurial Space: talking through multi-voices reflections on emerging debates (Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurial Research, Volume 9A) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.49 – 61. 

O’Brien, E. and Cooney, T.M. (2019) – Moving Outside the Ivory Tower: How Can Higher Education Institutions Engender Enterprising Behaviour from Within Under-represented Communities? – From: Managing and Administering HEIs in Times of Change (Editors: A. Visvizi, M. Lytras and A. Sarirete) – Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley

O'Brien D, Sharkey Scott P, Andersson U, Ambos T, Fu N. 2019. The microfoundations of subsidiary initiatives: How subsidiary manager activities unlock entrepreneurship. Global Strategy Journal, 9(1): 66-91.

O’Brien, D., Sharkey Scott, P. & Andersson, U. (2019). Subsidiary Management’s Horizontal Boundary Spanning Activity as Entrepreneurial Behaviours. In Entrepreneurial Behaviour –Individual, Contextual and Microfoundational Perspectives. McAdam, M. & Cunningham, J. (Eds) , U.K: Palgrace MacMillan.

Osaghae, O.G. and Cooney, T.M. (2019) – Exploring the Relationship Between Immigrant Enclave Theory and Transnational Diaspora Entrepreneurial Opportunity Formation – Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 45, No. 5

Zavadska, M., Morales, L. and Coughlan, J. (2019) “Brent Crude Oil Prices Volatility during Major Crises”. Finance Research Letters, online

Publications in 2018

Ayaz, O, Priyadarshini, A and Jaiswal, A (2018)  Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Saudi Mothers. Foods, 7, 193

Ayaz, W., Priyadarshini , A. and Jaiswal, A (2018) Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Saudi Mothers. Foods, 7, 193, 15

Buckley, P., & Davis, S. (2018). University-based Technology Start-up Incubators – Evaluating their contribution to the co-production of knowledge, innovation and growth. Experience from the Edge. Industry and Higher Education, vol. 32, no. 4, pg. 253 - 268

Bui-Thanh, L., B., Morales, L., Andreosso-O’Callaghan (2018), “Microfinance in Southeast Asia: The Case of Vietnam Over the Period 2005-2015” in Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Bruna, Z. and Jaussaud, J. (eds.) Asian Nations and Multinationals. Scientific Publishing Services

Bui-Thanh, L., Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2018) “Microfinance Notes in the Context of Vietnam.” Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol.12, Issue 3, pp. 21-30.

Byers, V. and Gilmer, A (2018) Developing a Unified Approach to Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: Opportunities for a New Environmental Paradigm. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 7, 1, 1-10.

Chen, H., Xuemei, X. and Phillips, P. (2018) Emotional intelligence and conflict management styles. International Journal of Organization Studies, 27, 2, 14 pages

Chessar, M., Hanly, J., Cassells, D. and Apergis, N. (2018) The positive feedback cycle in the electricity market: residential solar PV adoption, electricity demand and prices. Energy Policy, 122, 36-44. 

Cooney, T.M. (2018) – Introduction – From Understanding the Development of Small Business Policy (Editor – T.M. Cooney) – Routledge, Abingdon

Cooney, T.M. (2018) – Understanding the Development of Small Business Policy – Routledge, Abingdon

Cunningham, J. and O’Reilly, P. (2018) Macro, meso and micro perspectives of technology transfer. Journal of Technology Transfer, 43, 545–557.

Deegan, J., Hogan, J., Feeney, S. and O'Rourke, B. K. 2018.  'The self and other: portraying Israeli and Palestinian identities on Twitter.' Irish Communications Review, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 112-135.

Feeney, S and Hogan, J. (2018) “Drawings of Corporate Social Responsibility: a picture draws a thousand words”. Irish Journal of Academic Practice, Vol. 7(1), Article 1

Galstyan, V and Velic, A. (2018) International Investment Patterns: the case of German sectors. Open Economic Review, 29, 665-685.

Galstyan, V. and Velic, A. (2018) Public debt and relative prices in a cross-section of countries. Review of World Economics, 154, 229-245.

Gannon, V. and Prothero, A. (2018) Beauty bloggers and YouTubers as a community of practice. Journal of Marketing Management, 34:7-8, 592-619.

Garcia-Lorenzo, L., Donnelly, P., Sell-Trujillo, L. and Imas, J.M. (2018) Liminal Entrepreneuring: The Creative Practices of Nascent Necessity Entrepreneurs. Organization Studies, 39(2-3), pp. 375–395.

Guo, C., Miller, J.K., Woodard, M.S., Miller, D.J., Silvernail, K.D., Aydin, M.D., Lemos, A.H., Kumpikatie-Valiuniene, V., Nair, S., Donnelly, P., Marx, R. and Peters, L.M. (2018) Self-Concept Orientation and Organizational Identification: A Mediated Relationship. Journal of Managerial Psychology. Vol. 33 Issue: 4/5, pp.358-371

Hanly, J., Morales, L., and Cassells, D. (2018) “The Efficacy of Financial Futures as a Hedging Tool in Electricity Markets. International Journal of Finance & Economics, Vol. 23, pp. 1-12.

Manning, J. (2018). Becoming a decolonial feminist ethnographer: Addressing the complexities of positionality and representation. Management Learning, 49(3), 311–326.

Mc Evoy, P., Ragab, M. and Arisha, A (2018) The effectiveness of knowledge management in the public sector, Knowledge Management Research & Practice (online)

Morales, L. and Henly, J (2018) European Power Markets- A journey towards efficiency. Energy Policy, 116, 78-85

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2018) “Hong Kong Unrest and Implications for the Hang Seng Index.” Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy.

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2018) “Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis – the case of Mainland China and Hong Kong.” Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2018) “The Impact of Brexit on the Stock Markets of the Greater China Region”. International Journal of Financial Studies, 2018; 6(2):51.

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B. (2018) “Understanding Market Inefficiency in the East-Asian Region during Times of Crises”. Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, Vol.35, No.3 (2018), pp.449-69.

Morales, L., and Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B., (2018) “China’s ‘new normal’ growth trajectory: regional and global implications” in Taylor, R., and Jaussaud, J. (eds.) China’s Global Political Economy: Managerial Perspectives. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, New York, pp. 59-80.

Morales, L., and Hanly, J. (2018) “European Power Markets - A journey towards efficiency.” Energy Policy, Vol. 116, pp.78-85.

Mulhall, S. and Campbell, M. (2018) Embedding Career Competencies in Learning and Talent Development: Career Management and Professional Development Modules. In Teaching Human Resources at a College Level. IGI Global

Nash, C., O’Malley L. and Patterson, M. (2018) “Wii are family: consumption, console gaming and family togetherness” European Journal of Marketing, 52 (9/10),2005-2025

O’Donnell, E. and O’Donnell, L (2018) Challenges in Developing Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition, IGI Global

Phillips, P. and Chen. H. (2018) Emotional Intelligence and the Role of Motivation Within the Context of Career Guidance Counselling for Those Experiencing Unemployment, Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies. Volume 18, Issue 1

Priyadarshini, A., Rajauria, G., O'Donnell, C. and Tiwari, B. (2018) Emerging food processing technologies and factors impacting their industrial adoption, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, online

Swallmeh, E., Byers, V. and Arisha, A. (2018) Informing quality in emergency care: understanding patient experiences. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 31, 7, 704-717.

Tippmann E, Sharkey Scott P, Reilly M, O’Brien D. (2018). Subsidiary coopetition competence: Navigating subsidiary evolution in the multinational corporation. Journal of World Business 53(4): 540-554.

Zavadska, M., Morales, L. and Coughlan, J. (2018) “The Importance of Integrating Quantitative Research Methods to Understand Commodity Business Finance.” International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. VI, Issue 1, pp.54-77.

Zavadska, M., Morales, L. and Coughlan, J. (2018) “The lead-lag relationship between oil futures and spot prices – A literature review. International Journal of Financial Studies, 6(4):89.

Zavadska, M., Morales, L. and Coughlan, J. (2018) The Lead–Lag Relationship between Oil Futures and Spot Prices—A Literature Review. International Journal of Financial Studies, 6, 89, 22 pages

Publications in 2017

Ali, A., Mahfouz, A. and Arisha, A. (2017) ‘Analysing supply chain resilience: integrating the constructs in a concept mapping framework via a systematic literature review’ Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 22 Issue: 1, pp.16-39  

Barry, F., & O’Mahony, C. (2017). Regime Change in 1950s Ireland: The New Export-Oriented Foreign Investment Strategy. Irish Economic and Social History, 44(1), 46–65.

Battard, N., Donnelly, P. and Mangematin, V. (2017) Organizational Responses to Institutional Pressures: Reconfiguration of Spaces in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. Organization Studies, 38(11), pp. 1529–1551.

Ben-Hafaiedh, C. and Cooney T. (2017). Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Teams. Edward, Elgar, Cheltenham

Byers, V., Fahey, D., Mullins, C., & Roe, C. (2017). The Patient Survey Programme: Transforming the patient experience in Irish healthcare, Administration, 65(4), 83-99

Cooney, T.M. (2017) – The Use of Case Studies in Entrepreneurship Education – From The Sage Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Editors – R. Blackburn, D. DeClercq and J. Heinonen) – SAGE Publishing

Cooney, T.M. and Foley, D. (2017) – Entrepreneurial Activity among Irish Traveller Women: An Insight into the Complexity of Survival – From The Routledge Companion  to Global Female Entrepreneurship (Editors – C. Henry, T. Nelson and K.V. Lewis) – Routledge, UK

Feeney, S. and Hogan, J. (2017) A Path Dependence Approach to Understanding Educational Policy Harmonisation: The Qualifications Framework in The European Higher Education Area. Higher Education Policy, 30, 279–298.

Feeney, S., Hogan, J. and O’Rourke, B (2017) Elite formation in the higher education systems of Ireland the UK: measuring, comparing and decomposing longitudinal patterns of cabinet members. British Education Research Journal

Foley, D. and Cooney, T.M. (2017) – Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Irish Travellers – Small Enterprise Research, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp 73-87

Galstyan, V. and Velic, A. ( 2017) Taxation, Debt and Relative Prices in the Long Run: The Irish Experience. The Economic and Social Review, 48(3), 231-251

Hanly, J (2017) Managing Energy Price Risk using Futures Contracts: a comparative analysis. Energy Journal, 38(3)

Hogan, John, and Timoney, Nicola. (2017). A Discursive Institutionalist Approach to Understanding the Changes to the Irish Social Partnership Policy After 2008. Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 45 (1): 67-92.

Keeley, S., Feeney, S. and Hogan, J. (2017) Transparency! Transparency? Comparing the new lobbying legislation in Ireland and the UK. Interest Groups and Advocacy, 6, 2, 121-142.

Kinoti, M.W., Kihiko, M.K. and Cooney, T.M. (2017) – Women Empowerment Through Government Loan Entrepreneurship Teams – From Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Teams (Editors – C. Ben-Hafaiedh and T.M. Cooney) – Edward Elgar, Cheltenham

O’Callaghan, E and Murray, J. (2017) Internal brand identification as metamorphic glue in the internal branding process within a retailer network.  International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 27(5), 533-551

Ragab, M., Arisha, A. (2017) Research Methodology in Business: A Starter’s Guide. Management and Organizational Studies Vol. 5, No.1


Publications in 2016

Ayman Tobail, A., Crowe, J. and Arisha, A. (2016) Interactive Learning: Developing an eSimulation Portal Framework, Irish Journal of Management.

Buckley, A.P. (2016) Using contribution analysis to evaluate small and medium enterprise support policy. Evaluation.

Byers, V. (2016) Communication in the workplace. In Cross. C & Carbery, R. (Eds.) Organisational Behaviour: An Introduction. Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan.

Byers, V. (2016) Democratic governance and health: Hospitals, politics, and health in New Zealand. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.

Connolly, J. and Dolan, P. (2016) Social class tensions, habitus and the advertising of Guinness. Sociological Review.

Cunningham J., O’Reilly P., O’Kane, C., Mangematin V. (2016) Publicly funded principal investigators as transformative agents of public sector entrepreneurship. In Audretsch, D. and Link, A. (Eds.) Essays in Public Sector Entrepreneurship.

Cunningham J., O’Reilly P., O’Kane, C., Mangematin V. (2016) Publicly Funded Principal Investigators Allocation of Time for Public Sector Entrepreneurship Activities, Economia e Politica Industriale.

Cunningham, J.; O’Reilly, P.; O’Kane, C.; Mangematin, V., Managerial challenges of publicly funded principal investigators. International Journal of Technology Management.

Dolan, P. (2016) Adult and child identities in Irish primary schools, c. 1830–1909. History of Education.

Feeney, S. and Hogan, J. (2016) A path dependence approach to understanding educational policy harmonisation: The qualifications framework in the European higher education area. Higher Education Policy.

Galstyan, V. and Velic, A. (2016) Debt thresholds and real exchange rates: An emerging markets perspective. Journal of International Money and Finance.

Hogan, J. and O’Rourke, B. (2016) A discursive institutionalist approach to understanding comparative policy change: Ireland and Mexico in the 1980s. Latin American Policy.

Hogan, J. and O’Rourke, B. (2016) Understanding changes to Irish industrial policy using a discursive institutionalist approach. Melbourne Journal of Politics.

Hogan, J., and O’Rourke, B. (2016) Understanding the Changes to Irish industrial policy during the 1980s using a discursive institutionalist approach,  Melbourne Journal of Politics.

Hogan, J., and Timoney, N. (2016) A discursive institutionalist approach to understanding the changes in Irish social partnership policy after 2008. Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland.

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O'Rourke, B. K., and Hogan, J. (2016). Guaranteeing failure: neoliberal discourse in the Irish economic crisis. Journal of Political Ideologies.

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Publications in 2015

Buckley, A.P. (2015) Using sequential mixed methods in enterprise policy evaluation: A pragmatic design choice?. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods.

Byers V. (2015) The challenges of leading change in health-care delivery from the front-line. Journal of Nursing Management.

Cody, K. (2015) ‘Liminal’ in Ritzter, G. (Ed). Encyclopedia of Sociology (2nd Ed.) Wiley-Blackwell.

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