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A ?My Qualification, What Next?? pdf has been developed by the Career Development Centre for each DIT programme and is a one-stop-shop for information to help you in your career progression. It includes information on how to make great career decisions, options with your course, what past graduates have done, job-hunting, networking/LinkedIn, useful links, further study, CVs/applications, interview skills and much more. Download your MQWN from the list below!

Course Name Course Code Level MQWN PDF Also see the following MQWNs
Accounting & Finance DT366 8 Accounting & Finance
Advertising DT347 9 Advertising
Architectural Technology DT175 8 Architectural Technology
Automation Engineering DT003A 7 Automation Engineering
Automotive Management & Technology DT007 7 Automotive Management & Technology
Aviation Technology DT011 7 Aviation Technology
Bar & Beverage Management & Entrepreneurship DT417 8 Bar & Beverage Management & Entrepreneurship
Biology DT259 & DT226A Level 7 & Level 8 Biology
Biomedical Science DT204 8 Biomedical Science
Building Engineering DT005 7 Building Engineering
Building Engineering DT026 8 Building Services Engineering
Business Computing DT354 8 Business Computing
Business & Law DT321 8 Business & Law
Business & Management DT365 8 Business & Management
Business Studies DT315 8 Business Studies
Analytical Chemistry (Environmental, Forensic & Pharmaceutical) DT203, DT261 & DT299. 8, 7 & 8 Chemistry
Forensic & Environmental Chemistry DT203 & DT299 8 Forensic & Environmental Chemistry, Medicinal
Clinical Measurement Science DT229 8 Clinical Measurement Science
Civil Engineering DT004 7 Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering DT027 8 Civil Engineering.
Computer & Communications Engineering DT081 8 Computer & Communications Engineering
Computer Science DT228 8 Computer Science
Creative & Cultural Industries DT597 8
Creative Digital Media DT540B 9 Creative Digital Media
Culinary Arts DT407 8 Culinary Arts
Culinary Entrepreneurship DT416 8 Culinary Entrepreneurship
Design (Visual Communication) DT545 8 Visual Communication
Digital Marketing DT9337 9 Digital Marketing
Drama (Performance) DT529 8 Drama
Early Childhood Education DT572 8 Early Childhood Education
Electrical/Electronic Engineering DT021A 8 Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Electrical Services & Energy Management DT712 8 Electrical Services & Energy Management
Engineering Systems Maintenance / Engineering Reliability Management DT002 7 Engineering Systems Maintenance
Event Management DT413 8 Event Management
Fashion Buying & Management DT389 9 Fashion Buying & Management
Film & Braodcasting DT504 8 Film & Broadcasting
Food Innovation DT421 8 Food Innovation
Game Design DT508 8 Game Design
Geographic Science DT112 8 Geographical Science
Human Nutrition & Dietetics DT223 8 Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Human Resource Management DT398 8 Human Resource Management
Interior Design DT544 8 Interior Design
International Business DT350 9 International Business
International Business & Languages DT555 8 International Business & Languages
International Hospitality & Hospitality Management DT401 & DT408 DT401 level 8 & DT408 level 7 International Hospitality & Hospitality Management here
Journalism DT582 8 Journalism
Languages & International Tourism DT518, DT519 & DT520 8 Languages & International Tourism
Law DT532, DT567 & DT547 9 Law
Leisure Management DT411 & DT411H DT411 level 7 & DT411H level 8 Leisure Management
Logistics & Supply Chain Management DT358 8 Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing & Design Engineering DT023 8 Manufacturing & Design Engineering
Marketing DT341 8 Marketing
Mechanical Engineering DT006 7 Mechanical Engineering..
Mechanical Engineering DT022 8 Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering DT087 9 Mechanical Engineering..
Medical Device Innovation DT710 & DT764 8 Medical Device Innovation Accounting DT329 9 MSc. in Accounting
MSc Supply Chain Management DT351 9 Supply Chain Management
Networking Applications & Services DT080B 8 Networking Applications & Services
Nutraceuticals in Health & Nutrition DT420 8 Nutraceuticals in Health & Nutrition
Pharmaceutical Healthcare DT422 8 Pharmaceutical Healthcare
Photography DT559 8 Photography
Industrial & Environmental Physics Physics Technology Physics with Medical Physics & Bio-engineering Physics with Energy & Environment DT260 DT222 DT235 DT221 DT260. Level 7 DT222. Level 8 DT235. Level 8 DT221. Level 8
Planning & Environmental Management DT106 8 Planning & Environmental Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting DT374 9 Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Product Design DT001 8 Product Design
Property Economics DT110 8 Property Economics
Public Affairs & Political Communication DT569 9 Public Affairs & Political Communication
Public Health Nutrition DT225 8 Public Health Nutrition
Public Relations DT549 9 Public Relations
Retail & Services Management DT343 8 Retail & Services Management
Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics DT111 8 Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics
Social Care DT571 8 Social Care
Structural Engineering DT024 8 Structural Engineering
Sustainable Infrastructure DT9417 9 Sustainable Infrasctucture
Technology & Innovation Management DT384 9 Technology & Innovation Management
Tourism Management DT406 & DT406A Level 7 & Level 8 (DT406A) Tourism Management
Tourism Marketing DT412 8 Tourism Marketing
Transport Operations & Technology DT028 8 Transport Operations & Technology
Visual Merchandising & Display DT598 7 Visual Merchandising