• ACCT2016
  • Financial Reporting

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Accounting and Finance

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Module Description

The course covers a range of financial reporting topics, building on students understanding of topics introduced in Accounting in Year 1. Areas covered are international accounting standards, financial statements of limited companies, basic consolidated financial statements, analysis and interpretation of accounts as well as the conceptual and regulatory frameworks for financial reporting.

Module Aims

The aim of the module is to build on the techniques and understanding in Year 1 Accounting and to develop an ability to apply knowledge, to evaluate financial reporting topics and to understand and analyse corporate reports in the context of an international regulatory environment.

Indicative Syllabus

Financial Reporting Frameworks:
1. The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting.
2. The Regulatory Framework.
3. Standard setting process.
International Accounting Standards:
1. Presentation of Financial Statements.
2. Tangible & intangible non-current assets.
3. Impairment.
4. Investment Properties.
5. Government Grants.
6. Inventories.
7. Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets.
8. Events after the reporting period.
9. Statements of Cash Flows.
10. Basic earnings per share.
11. Current taxation.
12. Reporting financial performance
13. Consolidated Financial Statements.
14. Separate Financial Statements
Financial Statements:
1.Preparation of financial statements of limited companies for publication in accordance with the requirements of company law & international accounting standards.
Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements:
1. Calculation of accounting ratios
2. Interpretation of accounting ratios.
3. Limitations of accounting ratios.
Consolidated Financial Statements:
1. The concept and principles of a group.
2. The concept of consolidated financial statements.
3. Basic consolidated Statement of Financial Position for a company with one subsidiary.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:78

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