• CMPU3050
  • Programming for Smart Objects

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Computing

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Module Description

This module addresses the following areas: Development of standardized software on smart object devices. Development of a service to manage registered object(s) by a registered user, using industry standards. Programming of communication between the smart object and the service. Programming of communication between the service and a mobile platform. Overview of the capabilities and prospects for the Internet of Everything. Issues surrounding security, privacy and data persistence. Note: This is not an electronics module. Students are not expected to wire or produce embedded devices.

Indicative Syllabus

What is ?the Internet of things'?
A Microcontroller platform will be used for programming.
Choosing and downloading firmware onto smart objects that is appropriate to the device and the development requirement.
Programming smart object sensors and actuators.
Developing an API for the object for the reception and transmission of network messages across different network structures and rotocols.
Development of a cloud service to manage registered objects for registered users.
Development of an API for the service that is accessible from a variety of mobile platforms.
Examination of security, privacy and ethical issues surrounding the collection, dissemination and use of data transmitted by smart objects.
Data modelling and collection.
Case study of smart objects.
Emerging technologies and concepts.

ISCED:0613: Software & app dev & analysis
Total Contact Teaching Hours:52

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