• CRIT1019
  • History of Journalism

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Media

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Module Description

A historical and critical survey of the evolution of the press and of the practice of journalism, in Ireland and abroad, from the rise of newspapers in the 17th century to the appearance of modern mass-market daily papers and broadcasting, with a close focus on the development of journalism in Ireland. It focuses particularly on relations between the press and the state, along with questions of partisanship and ownership.

Indicative Syllabus

Analytical approaches for understanding the nature of a journalistic product
The impact of printing with moveable type and the persistence of prior modes of disseminating news
The development of newspapers in Europe
The growth of advertising and of political factions in the press
Newspapers' role in American independence and revolutionary France
International developments and comparisons in models of journalism
The radical press in Britain and Ireland
The long battle over newspaper taxation and press freedom
The industrialisation of the press and its consequences
The idea of the journalist
Publications and political movements in Ireland
The global growth of the press barons
The broadcasting revolution
Technological determinism and journalism

Total Contact Teaching Hours:26

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