• FNCE3001
  • Critical Analysis in Acc & Fin

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Accounting and Finance

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Module Description

This module introduces Accounting and Finance students to the various research fields of economics, finance and accounting as well as the core research technique of writing a literature review. Topics covered include critical thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, research methodologies, the literature search and review process, Accounting and Finance Research methods and the critical evaluation of publications and reports in the general area of Accounting and Finance.

Indicative Syllabus

Critical Thinking and Critical Analysis:
Definition, how to think critically, awareness of self and others, awareness of the impact of environment and experience to individual understanding of issues.
General Issues in Methodology.
Sources of knowledge and knowledge generation. Assumptions relating to the nature of financial reality.
The role of theory. The empiricist tradition in Accounting and Finance. Scientific and Naturalistic research methods in Accounting and Finance.
Literature Review and Analysis.
Rational for literature reviews, the literature search, literature review approaches, functions and typologies, issues in reading, presentation and writing skills.
Research Fields.
The remainder of the module will be divided into four sections whereby expert lecturers will deliver a research topic from the general areas of economics, finance or accounting from their own field of their expertise.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:24

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